End of the line for Samsung Galaxy Note?

It’s been a bad couple of months for Samsung. First the Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled due to supposedly battery issues. Then when they thought they had fixed the problem additional [supposedly] battery problems occurred.

After all this, Samsung decided they were better off to discontinue the model [as of this time, not the line].

I am wondering if they will even discontinue the Notes line after this mess. The name is tainted. Few would want to go back to a [say] “Note 8”.

This is probably the worst disaster in technology. Rivals include Microsoft Bob [Remember that? I don’t want to.] and Google+ [Google’s third stab at a social network and with probably billion poured in and it has failed]. No, I don’t consider Microsoft’s Vista a failure.

If there is a bright spot to all this, Samsung has suggested that those returning could either get a refund or choose the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge in exchange. This would actually boost the market share for the Galaxy S7. If Samsung discontinues the Notes line continue, I would suspect many would choose the stable Galaxy S7.

On the other hand this problem will also help sales for Apple’s iPhone 7 as well as other makers.

Samsung is offering $100 [US] if you stick with another Samsung cell phone or just $25 if you jump ship.

Some mail services such as UK’s Royal Mail are refusing to ship Note 7 devices back no matter how they are packed – even with special fireproof boxes that Samsung is offering. FedEx and UP have very specific requirements. So you may want to verify with your shipping company first.



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