Post debate news

Some interesting quotes and comments from Donald Trump on debate night:

Trump’s claim that “Stop-and-frisk had a tremendous impact on the safety of New York City” but the murder rate has been dropping in many major US cities. In the 90s New York topped 2000 a year, down to 673 in 2000 and 352 last year.

Trump claims that other “many real estate developers” were involved in a lawsuit by the Department of Justice for discriminating against black apartment seekers. In fact only him and his father were involved.

Trump also claims that “Russia’s been expanding. They have much newer capabilities than we do.” Russia has expanded the military and increased spending but still dwarfs the US.

Trump is still claiming under the nuclear deal “we gave them $150 billion back”. It was more like $100 billion but those are frozen assets of Iran.

“A trade deficit of almost … $800 billion a year.” Is what trump claims but it was $500 billion in 2015. The peak was in 2006 at $761.7 billion.

Trump says that President Barack Obama “has doubled (the national debt) in almost eight years. … When we have $20 trillion in debt.” Trump’s tax cuts would increase the deficit by $5.3 trillion over 10 years, the group found, while Clinton’s proposals would boost the deficit by $200 billion. The national debt is lower than $20 billion.

And Trump claims that “our jobs are fleeing the country. They’re going to Mexico. They’re going to many other countries. … Ford is leaving, thousands of jobs leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio.” They are building smaller autos in Mexico but no job losses in the US. Since the 2008-2009 recession under the GOP administration and the bankruptcies that followed, the auto industry has gained 300,000 jobs in the US.

“My father gave me a small loan in 1975” Is what Trump said when in fact his father gave him a $1 million loan. Trump received loan guarantees, bailouts and a drawdown from his future inheritance. He also inherited a share of his father’s real estate holdings which were eventually sold off.

Trump says “You’ve [Hillary Clinton] been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.” Clinton was an adult in 1965. ISIS started in 2013 after spinning off from al-Qaida – unless he thinks that she is 20.

Trump also says that “I’ve been under audit for almost 15 years.” Former IRS officials have expressed skepticism that anyone would be audited so frequently. A letter released by his tax attorneys never used the word audit, merely describing his tax returns under continuous examination.

Trump said he never said climate change was a hoax invented by the Chinese. But he tweeted in January 2014: “Snowing in Texas and Louisiana, record setting freezing temperatures throughout the country and beyond. Global warming is an expensive hoax!” and in 2012 he tweeted “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

Trump accused moderator Lester Holt of a left-leaning performance and going harder on him than Clinton. Holt is actually a Republican voter – maybe until now….

In one of the more bizarre moments in presidential debate history, he floated the possibility that organizers had intentionally set his “terrible” microphone to a lower volume than Clinton’s. But his “terrible” microphone was able to pick up his sniffing. And he complained about that. So was it too good or too bad?

“She doesn’t have the look, she doesn’t have the stamina” to be president caused a bit of controversy. What look to be President? Male? White? Meanwhile he was sniffing – some suggest he may have a cold.

Trump called a Miss Universe, “Miss Piggy,” because of her weight gain, as well as, “Miss Housekeeper,” for her Latina origins.

“We have the worst revival of an economy since the Great Depression…” – Has he compared the two? Inflation is lower, unemployment is lower, economy doing well. What is Trumps indicator that the economy is as bad as the Great Depression?

Paying little taxes and “…that makes me smart…” – Sure. Whatever you say Donald. “The income is $694 million this past year… ” – You don’t want to give away your income. It makes you look like a 1%-er. Dummy. The question is how much will you be paying in taxes? 25%? 20? 15? 5? Nothing?

“(Wealthy people) are leaving our country… because taxes are too high…” – I wonder where he got this from. Americans don’t want to lose their citizenship. [Almost] Everybody wants to be an American.

In a poll taken after the debate, 56% said that Clinton won, 28% for Trump.
And in other Trump stuff…

“NAFTA is the worst trade deal maybe every signed anywhere.” – Again, according to who’s indicators?

“Under my plan, I’ll be reducing taxes tremendously from 35% to 15% for small and big businesses… It’s going to be a beautiful thing to watch.” – You reduce taxes and the government has less revenue and you pray a lot that big business will decide to invest instead of pocketing from the lower tax rate.

“I was the one who got him to produce the birth certificate…” – Sure. In 2011? How did you do that?

The Republican nominee pointed to critics who said NBC host Matt Lauer was too soft on Trump during a national security town hall. “The new person is going to try to be really hard on Trump just to show, you know, the establishment what he can do. So I think it’s very unfair what they’re doing,” says Trump. So was it unfair to Clinton that Lauer was easy on Trump? Trump in fact argued that Lauer wasn’t easy on him, but that Trump simply answered questions better than Hillary Clinton. Uh huh.

Leaked Emails from former GOP secretary of state Colin Powell calls Donald Trump “a national disgrace”. Trump used Twitter to say, “I was never a fan of Colin Powell after his weak understanding of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq disaster. We can do much better!”

In 2001, Trump running mate Mike Pence said “Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill. In fact, two out of every three smokers does not die from a smoking-related illness and nine out of 10 smokers do not contract lung cancer.” But they are still dying and smoking is a major factor. As far back as 1964, the U.S. Surgeon General stated that “smoking was a cause of human cancer and other diseases.” Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says nine out of 10 lung cancers are caused by smoking cigarettes.

A Kenyan half-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama said he supports Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and not the candidate his brother has endorsed, Hillary Clinton. Malik Obama also expressed disappointment that his half-brother hasn’t done more to support his Kenyan family and the country. The president’s father was Kenyan. “I am upset and disillusioned. When he became president there was a lot of excitement and there was a lot of hope that he would do many things for us and the country,” he said. “I don’t think he has accomplished that.”

Trump has tweeted his surprise at Malik Obama’s stance: “Was probably treated badly by president – like everybody else!” Malik Obama, 58, stirred up controversy in 2010 when he took a teenager as his third wife. He ran for governor in his home county of Siaya in 2013 and lost by a landslide. He was unhappy that his half-brother did not endorse him.



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