Warning about Google’s Allo app

Google’s Allo is new chat app launched today for the iOS and Android platforms. It inserts AI into your conversations and is the equivalent of state surveillance. According to whistleblower/hero/traitor Edward Snowden, it should be avoided.

“Free for download today: Google Mail, Google Maps, and Google Surveillance” is how Snowden tweeted it.

Earlier this summer, the app was unveiled by Google, Eric Kay, Google’s director of engineering of communications products, said that all messages would only be stored on Google’s servers briefly and not stored permanently. But this will only be true for the “incognito mode”. The default of normal messages will see them stored. On Googles’ servers.

Theoretically the messages can be opened by the police with a warrant or maybe a simple request made to Google for the messages.

Google is claiming that storing conversations helps its servers’ algorithms learn how to be more helpful in conversations [but knowing Google they also may be used for advertisements like when they admit they read your Email electronically to aim relevant ads at you]. Google says that all the participants in the chat will see Google search results in the chat.

“And our [Google’s] approach is simple — your chat history [all or part] is saved for you until you choose to delete it.”



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