Trump now says Obama is born in the US (plus other news)

Finally Donald Trump has said – after over 5 years – that Barrack Obama was actually born in the US after saying for those 5+ years that he was born in Kenya. He didn’t admit he was wrong or even an apology. Was racism involved?

Trump did claim at one point that Hillary Clinton in 2008 said that Obama wasn’t born in the US when in fact some Democrats [trying to cause issues during the primaries] said that he wasn’t born in the US. But these Democrats weren’t from the party and the GOP pounced on the thought.

In a federal lawsuit filed, an anonymous “Jane Doe” alleges that Trump raped her in 1994 when she was 13, while she was being held as a sex slave in an apartment belonging to Jeffrey Epstein, a well-known American financier and convicted sex offender. Epstein is a backer of Trump. Trump has commented previously that Epstein “likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” The alleged victim states that Trump had a “savage sexual attack” on her after which he threatened that she and her family would be “physically harmed if not killed.” Trump camp denies – of course – but there is actually a witness who can corroborate the then 13 year old’s story.

Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana are battling attempts at unsealing records of their 1990 divorce, according to a new report. The Trumps filed separate legal briefs urging a judge in Manhattan to stop The New York Times and the Gannett media companies from scrutinizing the end of their marriage. Donald and Ivana Trump were granted a divorce due to “cruel and inhuman treatment” before ultimately reaching a settlement later on.

Ivanka Trump discussed the future of the Trump business empire if her father wins the presidency during an interview on CBS. Asked what the family would do to prevent potential conflicts of interest, she said that “as a private business, we can make decisions that are not in our best interest.” Sure. They intend on possibly losing money? Shareholders won’t be happy.

Ivanka said the “would put it into a blind trust and it would be run by us [his family including her].” But she has already been advising her father on various issues including child care. In essence, she could be working for the government as well.

A report came out outlines a series of potential conflicts of interests, from Trump’s dealings with businessmen who have been the subject of government investigations in India and Turkey to his ties to powerful Russian oligarchs.

Trump, who has floated the idea of Japan and South Korea obtaining nuclear weapons, maintains an ongoing business relationship with Daewoo Engineering and Construction which build nuclear power plants. Trump also tried to license the name to an organization with very well connected ties to Vladimir Poutine. The deal fell through as Trump wanted too much money.

Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns. After making statements such as “I’ve done great” [in making money] , he has given more than $100 million in recent years [ well his campaign claimed that], and “I fight like hell to pay as little as possible” [in taxes], what happens if he hasn’t donated much to charities as he has claimed and he has paid very little or whether and where Trump has foreign accounts or trusts.

Since this quasi tradition of candidates releasing their taxes, Mitt Romney [in 2012] suffered a bit because of the low amount of taxes paid. Trump’s running mate, Mike pence, is expected to release his shortly.

Exactly how long will Trump’s tax audit last? Indefinitely? Usually the longer it is the worse it will be.

“Nobody cares about it [taxes] except some of the folks in the media. Nobody cares about it,” Trump said in a Fox News interview earlier this month. “Nobody” is one of his signature false messages like “Many people are says….”

Trump claims millions of jobs will be created with a 4% economic growth. Experts says that is way more than any economy [good or not] can handle.

“I will sever my connections and I’ll have my children and executives run the company, and I wouldn’t discuss it with them,” Trump said in reference to a Newsweek magazine article about the potential conflicts of interest caused by Trump’s business holdings in India, South Korea, Russia and elsewhere. Ya. Good luck with him not asking or them not telling him about his businesses. As president, would be in a position to make decisions on the economy and foreign policy that could benefit his family’s fortunes. Foreign countries might see Trump business ventures in their country as a way to exert pressure or curry favor.

Another problem will be the way banks and regulatory agencies in the US deal with Trump family members managing his properties. I don’t think a bank would turn down a family member for a loan if he was President. Trump has holdings such as hotels and golf courses in at least 22 countries, including Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, Panama, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. caused a firestorm when, during an interview with a radio station, he raised the specter of the Holocaust by saying if Republicans acted like Hillary Clinton, the media would be “warming up the gas chamber.”

Donald Trump Jr. has a new reason to explain why his father won’t release his tax returns: They’ll steal from his political message. “Because he’s got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would detract from (his father’s) main message.” And in a week before the elections they’ll come up with another excuse. I guess the audit excuse has died.

“With a $10 billion business if Donald Trump dumped his taxes out today, there would be all kinds of misinterpretations of that and maybe some real interpretations of that between now and November,” said Rep. Steve Kings [a Trump supported]. Well, if it was released at the beginning of the campaign there would be less “misinterpretations”. Is this the next excuse being tested?

Trump opened the doors after he was whining about the Clinton Foundation’s conflict of interest when Clinton becomes President. It is easier to move away from something if it is not your money.

Trump’s campaign released an attack add to go after Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark at a fundraising event while “speaking to wealthy donors” over the weekend accusing her of “viciously demonizing hard-working people.” So is this why Trump’s donations are low? No wealthy donors?

In a speech to the National Guard Association conference in Baltimore, Trump said Clinton’s “deplorable” comments were aimed at those in uniform, whether in the military or in law enforcement. How does he equate that?

Trump criticized voters in Iowa by retweeting a supporter’s jab that the Midwestern state’s number one commodity export — Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn – “creates issues in the brain.” Trump has also suggested that those who vote for Clinton would try to “rig” the election away from his supporters. So while Clinton may aimed at 50% of Trump voters with her “deplorable” comment, Trump aimed at all Clinton voters with his “rigged” comment. She didn’t call him unfit for the presidency then.

After Clinton had a bad weekend when he was described as having pneumonia, Trump said that he had a medical exam the previous week and will release the results “when the numbers come in, I’ll be releasing very specific numbers” What a coincidence. And maybe his health results will come in faster than his tax returns. What specific numbers? Will he release only the good results and maybe ignore areas where he has issues [such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.]

Trump’s own health was questioned following media reports into his physician Dr. Harold Bornstein and a note he wrote in 2015 vouching for Trump’s health, which other doctors have said includes medically incorrect terms and an unprofessional conclusion. Clinton’s physician did issue a health statement last year certifying that she was fit to serve as President. Trump has offered no such information.

Trump first provided a summary of a recent physical to Dr. Mehmet Oz while taping an episode of Oz’s TV show. He said on the show that he gets exercise during the campaign by delivering speeches at rallies, calling them “a lot of work” and requiring “a lot of motion.” Exercise by talking and gesturing?

Clinton is within weight range and has normal cholesterol and blood pressure. Trump is considered overweight, a slightly higher blood pressure than Clinton but surprisingly lower cholesterol numbers. Seems to me Clinton is in better health.

“When Donald Trump and I said that the small and bullying president of Russia was a strong leader on the world stage, that wasn’t an endorsement of Putin,” Mike Pence said. Well, that’s what most think it means – they’re endorsing Vladimir Poutine.

Misconfiguration of Donald Trump’s campaign website left the personal information of interns – and perhaps more – accessible to casual snooping. Staffers of the real estate mogul-turned-US presidential candidate “bungled the settings on their Amazon S3 server”. The practical upshot of the snafu was that anyone who correctly guessed folder and file names would have been able to download sensitive information without getting prompted for a password. [Trump will blame Clinton for this.]

“This [Email server] is a far bigger scandal than Watergate ever was, but with Watergate we had justice, we had the Justice Department that went after the people. We’ve never, ever seen anything like this,” Trump said. Uh huh. I guess he wants the Department of Justice fight his battles, not the country’s battles. And I guess he doesn’t know what happened with Watergate.

Trump going after the Clinton Foundation may have backfired. The New York Attorney General has opened an inquiry into the Donald J. Trump Foundation to ensure the Republican presidential nominee’s charity was complying with state laws governing nonprofits. The New York Attorney General sued the real estate mogul and his now defunct Trump University for fraud in 2013, seeking $40 million in restitution plus penalties and other costs. Not surprising, a Trump campaign spokesman dismissed the assertions as entirely motivated by presidential politics.

At a recent Trump rally, as several protesters were being escorted out by security, a man in the crowd grabbed a male protester around the neck and then punched him. He then slapped at a woman being led out. The Trump supporter was not ejected by security. [That’s two counts of assault right there. Seems security was useless.]

Trump was at a [primarily] black church in Flint, Michigan where they have had some clean water issues for the past couple of years or so. He was cut off by the pastor when he tried to go political. At the same time the pastor stopped hecklers from going after him. He cut off the visit shortly after – with a speech totaling 6 minutes. This after he was accused by a woman of discriminatory housing practices in his buildings which he denied but has known to happen.

Ivanka Trump cut short an interview with Cosmopolitan published after being asked about some of Donald Trump’s past comments about childcare and maternity leave. Trump criticized the interviewer for having “a lot of negativity” in her questions. Like father like daughter – they can’t take any criticisms or negative comments and questions.

For as guy who wants to reduce taxes and cut the size of the government, he’s going the opposite way. The military budget is already at $600 billion and he wants to increase that as he claims Obama hasn’t given the military enough. The current military budget [for example] is about 40 times the military budget for Canada. In addition he wants to make child care more affordable, guaranteeing new mothers six weeks of paid maternity leave [whose employers don’t offer leave already] and of course fix infrastructure that he says has been neglected by Obama. Lower-income earners would receive child-care spending rebates through expanding the existing Earned Income Tax Credit.

Added to that is a pledge that no business should pay more than 15 per cent of its income in taxes – currently tops at 35%. That should help the Trump Organization. But he flip flopped again a in December he said the after deduction tax rates would be from 0% to 25%. Now it’s 12% to 33%. I guess he wants the people to pay more than companies.

Trump previously proposed reducing child care costs by allowing parents to fully deduct the average cost of child care from their taxes. He recently expanded that proposal to allow families with a stay-at-home parent to qualify for the deduction and to include costs associated with caring for elderly dependent relatives. The deduction would apply only to individuals earning $250,000 or less, or $500,000 or less if filing jointly. But because Trump’s proposal is a tax deduction rather than credit, its greatest benefits would go to affluent households such as Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, who suggested the changes to him.

Trump did not lay out how much the proposals would cost, but insisted the extra spending would be offset by economic growth and other cuts. None of the proposals would push economic growth – so he has to assume the economy will do even better than it is now.


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