Uber versus taxis

I have absolutely no sympathy for the taxi drivers in Quebec. Too long they had what could be considered a monopoly.

Unlike most other jurisdictions [in the world] where there are both taxi and Uber driver, most seem to get along with each other. The taxi drivers seem to live with the fact that Uber is around to stay.

A number of years ago, the city of Montreal bought out a bunch of taxi permits because there were too many of them and they supposedly couldn’t make a living. So by reducing the number of taxis on the island, there should be more revenue coming in for the taxi drivers. But what also did was increase the wait time to get a taxi if not at a taxi stand.

Fast forward to the last couple of year. Uber moves into Montreal and the taxi drivers are upset. Boo hoo.

Some taxi drivers resorted to harassment of the Uber drivers and clients which included [light] damage to vehicles, physical and verbal assaults, etc. Sounds a bit like a mafia like attitude.

Taxi drivers were told to clean up their act. Proper clothing [white shirts, black pants], clean their cars, etc. They complained.

The provincial government struck a deal with the Uber drivers within the past couple of weeks where the new requirements for Uber drivers won’t be easy for them to complete.

The requirements include permits, taking customer service courses, basic vehicle repair knowledge, restrictions in the number of hours [anything over 50,000 hours a year and Uber will have to pay fees that will benefit the taxi industry], charge a minimum fee, etc.

And yet the taxi drivers are still complaining and contemplating an injunction or go on strike. If they do, I won’t be affected or care. Also more work for Uber drivers and less for them. So who are they kidding?

The taxi industry accused the provincial government of betraying them by negotiating with a company they say operates outside the law. Ummm. Uber will be paying back taxes as part of the deal in addition to taxes and licenses.

The taxi drivers are just acting like a bunch of crybabies who’ve had it so good over the years.

Taxi drivers in my area don’t seem to respect the rules of the road. Going through stop signs, no signals when turning, double parking [with no flashers]. I’ve even seen them make U-turns on a busy main street.



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