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Donald Trump will outline plans to “add substantially” to the nation’s arsenal of submarines, ships and combat troops. “I’m going to make our military so big, so powerful, so strong, that nobody — absolutely nobody — is gonna mess with us.” If he is proposing less taxes, how will he pay for more military spending? Maybe curb some tax loopholes [but that will hurt him!]. Or may have all other countries pay for it! The United States already spends more than US$600 billion a year on the military, more than the next seven countries combined. Canada spends US$14.42 billion a year.

It is not surprising that current and former military leaders would back Trump. Going by history, the GOP tend to prefer to start wars. Dwight Eisenhower for the Vietnam War, George H.W. Bush in the 1990 Iraq war, and George W. Bush in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars last decade. Most of the names on the list are Navy admirals who were not on the ground during the war against terror.

Trump would rely on the generals to make up for his own lack of national security inexperience to take on the Islamic State group. He vowed to give military leaders a “simple instruction” soon after taking office: “They will have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS.” Retired Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling basically called it ridiculous stating “it shows a complete lack of understanding of the threat and the ways to fight it.” And remember Trump’s statement in November 2015: “I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me.”

Donald Trump’s campaign released a letter signed by 88 retired military leaders endorsing his presidential candidacy, including four four-star generals and 14 three-star flag officers, according to the campaign. Trump’s campaign shouldn’t be too happy. Sen. John McCain, a former Naval Aviator, was endorsed by 300 generals and admirals in his 2008 contest with Barack Obama. Even more backed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012 in a full-page ad in the Washington Times.

In the latest in Trump’s flip-flopping, Trump has said now that any immigrants who want full citizenship must return to their countries of origin and get in line, he told reporters – but he would not rule out a pathway to legal status for the millions living in the U.S. illegally.

In a Phoenix speech, Trump said that “Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation”. So I guess that means any illegal – whether good or bad. “We will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration. There will be no amnesty.”

Praying for a cabinet post in a Trump administration [good luck there!], Rudy Giuliani says [just days after the Phoenix immigration speech that] mass deportation by a Trump administration has been removed from the table. Didn’t he hear Trump’s message? Giuliani claims it applies “largely directed toward criminal illegal immigrants.” Did Trump say that? No. If so, more flip flopping.

After his trip to Mexico, Trump said the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto violated some “ground rules” by admitting that the two did actually discuss payment of his proposed border wall between the two countries but acknowledged “that’s ok.” It is probably one of the biggest items the two can discuss. Why would Trump leave it out of the discussions? What is he hiding? What other “ground rules”? Maybe it is his way of lying again.

“She [Hillary Clinton] doesn’t have the energy to bring ’em [jobs] back. You need energy, man,” Trump told reporters. I think you need more that stamina. A good economy and someone who knows economics – something he lacks.

“She [Clinton] didn’t have the energy to go to Louisiana. And she didn’t have the energy to go to Mexico.” What’s in Louisiana that she had to attend? As for Mexico, it seems he should of not gone to Mexico because it didn’t help him. He said things in Mexico and then flip-flopped them back in the US later that day.

Trump joking said that only a “hurricane” or “natural disaster” would prevent him from attending all three presidential debates. Expect him to use an excuse like that soon.

The Dallas Morning News editorial board said they would not give their blessing to Donald Trump in 2016, ending a streak of endorsing every Republican presidential nominee since 1968 saying Trump is “not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote.”. Not a good sign from GOP country. Another major newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, endorsed Clinton in July.

Trump insisted on repeating a claim that has been previously debunked — that he was “totally against the war in Iraq.” There is no evidence to date that shows Trump came out against the Iraq War early on, and in fact, he initially said he supported the conflict. On Howard Stern in September 2002, “Yeah, I guess so” was his response whether or not he supported the invasion of Iraq.

“On day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall,” said Trump in a speech recently. “Powerful”? “Beautiful”?

Trump still can’t figure what to do with the [left wing] media. He says “CNN is so disgusting in their bias….” and The New York Times “has not reported properly on Crooked’s FBI release. They are at the back of the pack – no longer a credible source.” But days later he offered this assessment of the journalists picked to moderate the fall presidential debates: “I like them. I respect the moderators. I do respect them. It’s interesting.”

“The man [Vladimir Poutine] has very strong control over a country,” says Trump because Putin has a 82% approval rating. But whether or not the source of the rating is [how should I say] legitimate and unbiased. Barack Obama’s rating is at 54% – quite good for a country that is divided mostly by party lines. Trump even went as far as to say Poutine was a better leader than Barack Obama.

Trump opened the door to granting legal status to people living in the U.S. illegally who join the military. I wonder what happens when someone who is/was in the military and became a citizen uses his/her military expertise to harm fellow Americans.

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen joined the list of GOP officials supporting Clinton.

Arizona Republican senator Jeff Flake has already stated he will not vote for either Trump or Clinton. He dislikes Trump’s “rhetoric” and policies.

Another Arizona senator, John McCain, came out with a television ad stating that with a Clinton presidency he will keep her in check. There was nothing negative there. Interestingly in the ad, he mentioned nothing but Trump. Maybe not expecting a Trump win. Arizona has sided with the Republicans for the last 230 years but the current polls have Trump leading by 5%.

Trump visited a largely black neighborhood in Philadelphia recently, doing a speech at a black church but he was using a “script” and wanted to know the questions that will be asked before he did his speech. I am guessing he did it so he wouldn’t make one of his famous dumb that would further alienate the minorities. The pastor of the church said that the Trump campaign would not have a role editing the final cut of the interview, disputing an assertion in The New York Times report that said they did.

“Donald Trump should have gone to the Olympics as a gymnast, because there’s a lot of contortionism there,” said Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

A Trump supporter claims that a Clinton administration will result in a taco stand in every corner of America.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan criticized the FBI’s handling of the matter, accusing the bureau of playing politics with the release. And what is he doing? Being impartial?

“You don’t want me to defend a group [the KKK] that I know nothing about.” Said Trump once. How can you not know about the KKK.

Trump did file a ridiculous $500 million lawsuit against Univision, claiming that political interference from one of Univision’s owners, prominent Democratic fundraiser Haim Saban, drove Univision’s decision to back out of the contract. According to the court filing, Univision’s five-year rights deal was valued at $13.5 million. Settlement was not disclosed when finished this past February. Univision has the Spanish language rights.

According to a 2006 investigation by the New York Daily News, 40 Wall Street LLC, a Trump-owned business, collected a $150,000 grant to cover losses from 9/11 but days after the attack Trump said his properties were not affected.

In the one smart thing Trump did say recently is that the other countries in the NATO alliance should be contributing what they are required to. The US and a few countries are contributing more than the 2% of their country’s GDP but most aren’t.




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