Another Trump week in review

In the latest nonsense, Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being a bigot. Yes a bigot. Why? He is claiming she is courting the black vote to get herself elected. Let’s see. A recent poll had her around 91% of the black vote, Trump at under 2%. Does he know the definition of a bigot?

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, was asked if Trump would change his rhetoric in his meeting with Mexican President Pena Nieto. She said, “I think you’ll see a very presidential Donald Trump.” Well, being “presidential” shouldn’t be so hard for most presidential candidates. Trump is a different story.

Trump claims he “not flip flopping” on immigration but told Fox News he would “work with” undocumented immigrants, rather than deport them. Two days later he told CNN that he would offer “no path to legalization” and would deport them. In Mexico, he told the Mexican President how much he liked Mexicans saying many of them have been a positive influence in the US. But then he said back in the US that “Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation.” He then said he won’t allow them in until they properly leave the US and come back in the legal way.

Did he lie to the Mexican President?

Pena Nieto later tweeted, “I made it clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall.” Trump later said “”They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to pay for the wall.” I think they know but won’t pay! Tim Kaine said Trump “didn’t have the guts to look the Mexican president in the eye” and demand that Mexico pay for the wall.

While Trump had told reporters in Mexico he and Pena Nieto did not discuss who would pay for the proposed border wall, but from above comments they did. Did he lie to the Mexican President?

Prior to his short trip to Mexico, Trump said he would deliver the full immigration policy but Donald Trump, Jr. said that the speech won’t address every aspect of Trump’s immigration policy but more pieces would be revealed “in the coming weeks and months.” [After the election?] Why so long?

Back from Mexico, Trump brought on stage a family where a child in that family killed by a person living in the country illegally in addition to other victims’ families. I guess Trump continues to bring up to the stage victims that have suffered from things he are against [immigrant, Iraq war, etc.]

Trump continues to whine about the Clinton Foundation and that it should be shut down – and yet he has contributed $100,000 in the past.

Meanwhile Trump seems to still think he will win over black voters, even though he is currently polling at 1 percent and probably started another in a string of many controversies. He told the Conservative Chronicle that after his first term he will be extremely popular with African American voters. “I’ll be more popular than fried chicken and watermelon in the black community,” he said.

Trump went after Anthony Weiner after his third sexting scandal and his wife Huma Abedin leaving him. He then said that it was another bad decision by Clinton. For hiring Abedin? After Trump complimented Abedin on leaving Weiner? Oh, Trump has donated to Weiner’s campaigns in the past. His bad decision?

After Dwyane Wade’s cousin was killed, Trump’s first tweet about the shooting ended this way: “Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!” A few hours later he offered on Twitter condolences. I am guess someone suggested he did the latter. Asked whether the initial tweet was presidential or appropriate, GOP officials and campaign advisers instead talked about anything else they could think of. They spread of various media outlets to do damage control.

Clinton’s “health” issues came up again with trump saying she should divulge her health status. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani encouraged doubters to “go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness.'” – “Put down”? Karl Rove appeared on Fox News to launch a flurry of accusations that Clinton was not physically well [but like Trump, offers no proof].

In 2015, Trump offered a doctor’s letter from a Dr. Harold Bornstein who concluded that Trump “will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Doesn’t that line remind you of someone who’d say that? Dr. Bornstein had not been a member of the College of American Gastroenterology for over 20 years but claims he has. One example is the hyperbolic boast that Trump’s lab results were “astonishingly excellent.” Also odd was Bornstein noting that Trump’s test results were “positive”. Shouldn’t that be “negative”?

A model originally from Montreal claims that while she was working at the Trump Model Agency, she was paid for her work but under the table because she was under-age. She was put up in a lower class hotel to stay [she described] and required to pay the agency $1600US per month. The agency also charged her 20% of her salary to taxes – but she was paid under the table. They also charged her for various other things that were also questionable. She wasn’t the only model under-age. A Trump spokesman says it has nothing to do with Trump or the campaign – and yet the agency has his name [and probably owned by him – unless it went bankrupt!]

Considering the increased number of Hispanics in Arizona, Trump is actually leading that battleground state.

Trump’s proposed Mexican wall is opposed by 61 percent of the country but backed by 78 percent of his supporters.

Trump continues to change his stance on immigration. Initially he wanted to deport all 11 million illegals. Now he’s changed his mind and just get rid of the bad ones – but what happens if the bad ones have family – especially if one or more family members are born in the US.

Trump also wants to do away with the automatic citizenship if born in the US if the parents are illegals. I would guess he has the same thoughts about tourist citizenship, where a pregnant mother comes to the US just to give birth so the child would be American and eventually that child could sponsor his/her parents.

Native-born children of immigrants, even those living illegally in the U.S., have been automatically considered American citizens since the adoption of the 14th Amendment in 1868. And yet Trump is still suggestion that these children will also be deported if he has his way. But flip-flopping again Trump has suggested he might be “softening” on the deportation force and that he might be open to allowing 8illregal immigrants to stay as long as they pay taxes. But then he said “unless they leave the country and come back.” [I guess depends on the time of day or day he will say something different.]

Not a good sign when Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus demurred: “I just don’t speak for Donald Trump.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the killing of someone pushing a stroller “is unacceptable in an American city”. So it could almost be sad that killing someone not pushing a stroller is OK?

Since early June, Clinton has spent $77 million on TV and radio ads. Trump is at $5 million. Trump plans to spend another $10 million but Clinton has already reserved $9.2 million in air time. Both have primarily target the 9 battleground states. Both are promoting their economic/tax message aimed at the middle class. Neither Trump nor Clinton’s tax plans would have any major impact on how much the middle class pays, analysts say. But the trump ad is consistent in previous untruthful comments: “Spending goes up, taxes go up. Hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear.”



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