Fighting text spam

Almost anyone who have a cell phone have been text spammed by some unknown individual. Few know about the mechanism in place by all [?] North American phone carriers.

If you receive one of these text spams, forward it to 7726 [“spam”]. Your carrier should respond with a text message confirmed the message was received. Some may ask you for the sender’s phone number.

What they do with your submission is another story.

On the other hand when I received a text spam message, I contacted my carrier and told nothing can be done. I am guess the person on the other side knew nothing of 7726.

In Canada, you can also report any spam hereYou can forward Emails directly or use the online form for Emails or text spam.

For text spam messages, if you can take a screen snapshot [Androids and iPhones have mechanisms] or use a camera to take a photo of your screen, you can attach it to the report.

In the US, you can report any spam here. You can forward Emails directly or use the online form.

For Canada or US, you should report from which country you live in and not where the spam came from.

For other jurisdictions, check with your carrier or government web sites.

Some cell phones have the option to block phone numbers. Some may even go further by allowing you to block phone numbers from your account. For the latter, even if you switch phones but not carrier, those phone numbers will still be blocked.



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  1. ebraiter says:

    For [most] Androids, to forward a text message, press and hold down on the exact message and it should show a message where you can forward the message.

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