They complain but few do anything

I still find it funny when I go through various blog/news site how people whine about some blunder cause by some company.

For example, with Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” [a.k.a. Redstone 1, build 1393, v1607], there seems to be two major issues.

In one issue with certain configuration, Windows 10 will freeze. Although no definite reason, seems it affects some SSD configurations.

In the second issue, web cams are not functional. This is due to a new service that allows more than one application to use the web cam at the same time. This doesn’t affect all web cams.

Microsoft is investigating both and have mentioned that an update to correct at least the web cam issue will be available in September [they don’t say when actually].

But reading through the blogs/new sites and you really see how some people are either unclear of issues or maybe have temper problems or other issues.

You have some people who post something like “Why do I bother using crap from Microsoft?” Good point, maybe the writer should switch to a Mac or Linux. Or maybe “How come this was never tested by Microsoft?” Microsoft does testing but they also rely on the Windows Insider and other testers.

With the number of different permutations out there [the sheer number of store purchased and self-built systems], there is no way Microsoft can test every one of them [and in some cases even with Windows Insider help]. That said, Apple’s Mac world is fairly closed and yet they still have software problems as well.

How many people will have say a self-built system that has 64GB of RAM, two Xeon processors, and multiple SSDs and end up with some major bug? Not many.

What these whiners fail to remember is that Windows 10 had a reported 1 million testers through the Windows Insider program [although how many really tested or just installed a beta copy to see what it looks like and how the builds are progressing]. Having that many testers should of uncovered issues such as the two mentioned as there should be enough people who have a similar setup.

But I guess there is a possibility that the issue never came up.

Maybe the whiners should join the Windows Insider program to see if their system will work fine – although I am suspecting that some may not even have Windows 10! They like to whine.



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