And another week of Trump news

Donald Trump says he would implement a new immigration policy proposal under which the U.S. would stop issuing visas in any case where it cannot perform adequate screenings. Ummm. Usually governments do that already. Then he said it would be “extreme vetting” but offered little to no details.

Trump is also expected to propose creating a new, ideological test for admission to the country that would assess a candidate’s stances on issues like religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights. Wondering how fast that will be challenged in the courts.

An economic policy speech he delivered calling for lower corporate taxes and rolling back federal regulations – two areas which should greatly help his Trump Organization.

“My economic plan includes an across-the-board income tax reduction that helps EVERYONE, especially the middle class.” Tweeted Trump. I wonder how he is also expected to reduce the deficit if less taxes are coming in unless he cuts the budgets throughout the government and heavily.

Trump accuses Obama of being the “founder” of ISIS and Hillary Clinton its “co-founder”. Rudy Giuliani, still losing credibility, said “Before Obama, ISIS was an almost unknown, small little organization. … And here’s why it happened: because he withdrew the troops from Iraq.” Except, ISIS forming [but under different names] go back over 15 years. Giuliani is drinking the Trump Kool-Aid claiming the media is unfair [except Fox of course].

Trump tried to backtrack saying it was “sarcasm” but when he said it in interviews and rallies, for many it didn’t sound like sarcasm. Some right wing interviewers tried to ask him prior to the “sarcasm” comments whether he was joking [or otherwise]. He basically said he wasn’t.

Giuliani, promoting Donald Trump’s national security plan, said that in the “eight years before (President Barack) Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States.” Do the math. He forgot 9/11. A spokesman for the former mayor told The Associated Press later on that Giuliani was referring to a lack of major attacks during the remainder of George W. Bush’s term. Uh huh.

Trump continues to blame what he calls the “disgusting and corrupt media” for handing him problems instead of taking the blame for his dumb comments. I guess it won’t be easier for him from once the elections are over [either winning or losing] as he pissed off most of the media. I guess he thinks everyone is corrupt [but him]: media, Clinton, election system [well “rigged”], ……

Trump is blaming faulty interpretations and media bias for an uproar over his comments about the Second Amendment. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, losing credibility fast, defended Trump [some suspect he is in line for a cabinet post if Trump ever became President]. But House Speaker Paul Ryan, acting more like a politician and less like a buffoon, said: “It sounds like just a joke gone bad.”

Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort says Trump is continuing to raise millions of dollars while travelling to key battleground states — Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida — and remains personally “very connected”. But current polls says he is losing in those states.

When Manafort was asked on CNN about one of Trumps recent verbal errors, Manafort [like a good politician] tuned out on the question asked and when on a rant about Clinton.

The New York Times published a report alleging that millions in cash payments were designated for Paul Manafort by Ukrainian leaders during his time as a political consultant there. $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Manafort from [then-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich’s] pro-Russian political party from 2007 to 2012, according to Ukraine’s newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Manafort’s lawyer obviously denied the story.

A group of about 50 Republicans who have served in senior national security and foreign affairs positions in the White House have written a letter encouraging Americans not to vote for Donald Trump. “Mr. Trump lacks the character, values, and experience to be President.” Trump tried to fight back saying “I’m not going to hire these people; I don’t want these people.” I don’t think they wanted to be hired by him.

The possibility of a Clinton victory are compelling enough that dozens of worried Republicans gathered signatures recently for a letter urging the GOP chairman to stop helping Trump and focus on protecting vulnerable House and Senate candidates. I guess those candidates would prefer to save their own skin and not try to get a Republican President. Trump threatened to stop fundraising for the party if they do.

Many people are saying that Trump is using “Many people are saying…” in his speeches because it’s his way of announcing something without having any proof that what he is about to say is true. At least many people are saying that!

Late last year, Putin said that al Qaeda and IS were “actually a U.S. invention.” Putin said the rebels that the United States has armed have sometimes switched to join extremist groups in Syria like the Islamic State.

Trump was open to trying Americans suspected of terrorism at the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba. Asked specifically about U.S. citizens, Trump said he didn’t like that President Barack Obama and others wanted to try them in traditional courts rather than military commissions at Guantanamo Bay.

Unsubstantiated claims about Clinton’s health have gone from chatter on Twitter to an attack line by Trump. Without offering any evidence, Trump said that she “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS [Islamic State] and all of the many adversaries we face”. Trump, 70, is almost two years older than Clinton and heftier. Last year, in a letter accompanied by test results, her personal doctor Lisa Bardack said “she is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as the president of the United States”. Some coverage comes from right wing media and The National Enquirer [the latter is always right – hah!].

Donald Trump said that Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t make a military move into Ukraine — even though Putin already has done just that, seizing the country’s Crimean Peninsula. I guess Trump already thought that Crimea is part of Russia. He also blames Obama for the Russians taking Crimea.

An interviewer pressed Trump on changes to the Republican platform removing calls for the provision of lethal weapons so the people of Ukraine can defend themselves, which Trump said he had nothing to do with – and yet he is the party’s leader. “Just so you understand, he said very nice things about me. But I have no relationship with him. I don’t — I’ve never met him,” said Trump. But in a November 2015 Republican primary debate, Trump had said of Putin: “I got to know him very well because we were both on ’60 Minutes,’ we were stalemates.” He’s losing his mind? How can you forget meeting a major foreign leader.

Trump claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin once called President Barack Obama “the N word.” There are no published reports to back up Trump’s claim about Putin’s use of the racially derogatory term.

Jeb Bush’s top adviser, Sally Bradshaw [a long-time GOP member], has left the Republican Party to become an independent, and says if the presidential race in Florida is close, she’ll vote for Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t want to vote for Trump.

After a scolding by Michael Bloomberg [former New York mayor], Trump claimed that Bloomberg’s last term was disastrous. And yet they did plenty of things together in those years including Bloomberg on hand for the beginning of the redevelopment of a golf course in The Bronx with Trump.

Trump is a spam-magnet, and appeared nearly 169 times as often in spam messages that use Hillary Clinton’s name. By June, Trump-themed lures jumped to 270 times the amount of Clinton-themed lures, and 34 times more than lures that used Trump and Clinton were used together as bait. In the run up to the Republican and Democratic national conventions in July, Trump lures remained more than 170 times more common than Clinton lures. Additionally, Trump-related spam volume increased, and the gap between Trump- and Clinton-related spam became more pronounced.

Melania Trump’s web site was taken down at one point. She claims it doesn’t reflect her business life. Others say because her academic credentials are not quite right.

In January, the USA Freedom Kids [3 pre-teenage girls] rocketed to viral fame after performing at a Donald Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida. The manager of the group intends to file a suit against the Trump campaign and said he had secured the legal services of lawyer Marc Shapiro. He said the Trump campaign did not honor an agreement to let the group set up a table to sell its CDs at a rally and then canceled a performance without explanation in Des Moines, Iowa, after the group made a “very lengthy odyssey” to do a set at a Trump event. USA Freedom Kids continue to perform and are set to release an album in six weeks but the new album will not feature “Freedom’s Call” – the song they performed.

A Virginia hotel is fighting back against Donald Trump after the GOP presidential nominee criticized the air conditioning — or lack thereof — at an event there. And he threatened to not pay his bill for the room — a frequent move by Trump’s companies when he says he receives inadequate service. The hotel spokesman said the air conditioning was working – blaming any supposedly lack of air conditioning on the over populated conference room and heat outside the building.

Reports published by USA Today and The Wall Street Journal in June found Trump’s companies were facing hundreds of claims that Trump has stiffed people he contracted with for decades.



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