Some issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

There have been reported some small issues. Microsoft will most likely release an update in the coming weeks to fix the issue.

Among the issues are:

Some Freezing:   New!

Some users are complaining that there system is freezing. So far there has been no response and no common thread on what is causing the problem.

Seems if you have the Windows 10 drivers for Intel Skylake Virtualization Technology machines and Avast on your system, it will cause your system to get a lovely BSOD. Avast has promised a fix. One of their files.

A Caveat:

While not a real compatibility issue, unlike going from Windows 7 to Windows 10 gave you up to a month to go back before you couldn’t, going from any major update to a newer major update will allow you just 10 days before you can’t go back. So when going from your current build to the Anniversary Update, you have just 10 days to make up your mind.


Some settings may not migrate after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on a computer previously running the Windows 10 November Update. Microsoft is aware of the problem that could reset some personalization customization already configured. Currently, the company is working to release a fix in a near future, but there isn’t a specific date. These include pen settings, tablet mode settings, notification settings and virtual desktop settings. There is also an issue where Cortana disappears after the upgrade [is that a bad thing?].


Brother has sent out a notice [I guess if you have registered] that if you are using a Brother printer [stand-alone or multi-function] using a USB cable there may be some printing issues. Brother is recommending uninstalling the current Brother software and install the latest. If you uninstall the software [or delete the printer queue] for a stand-alone printer, Windows Update may find the right drivers if you unplug the USB cable from the printer and replug. This is not true for multi-function printers. [Note: Microsoft will not fix this. Up to Brother.] According to Brother, no issue if you are using one of their printers with a wired or wireless network connection.


If you have certain editions of Windows 10, you may be able to defer the update for up to 4 months until you are ready. In Settings, click on Update & security. Under Windows Update click on Advanced Options. Then enable [check] Defer upgrades.


  • This page will be updated [and “re-released”] if anything else of interest comes in…

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