Wonder who the Russians prefer in the US election

The Russian state run TV networks shows what the Russian government wants the US elections to look like.

Seems that we now know where Donald Trump takes his cue from.

Viewers were told that Clinton sees Russia as an enemy and cannot be trusted, while the Democratic Party convention was portrayed as further proof that American democracy is a sham. They say the business and political elite determines who wins the convention.
The network intentionally added more negativity and anti-Russian comments – often tweaking something Hillary Clinton has said.

After all, the Kremlin prefers Trump’s view of NATO, where the United States might not honor its NATO military commitments, in particular regarding former Soviet republics in the Baltics. In comparison, Clinton wants the US to continue to be the major partner in NATO.

The US joined the European Union in sanctioning Russia for annexing Crimea but Trump says those living in Crimea would prefer to stay with Russia [wonder if he took a state sponsored poll]. Trump said NATO is a mess and couldn’t stop Russia from grabbing Crimea.

Clinton once compared the annexation of Crimea to Adolf Hitler’s moves into Eastern Europe at the start of World War II, a comparison that was deeply offensive in Russia.

When Clinton described Russia’s 2011 parliamentary elections as rigged. Vladimir Poutine then accused the U.S. State Department of financially supporting the protests that drew tens of thousands of people to the streets of Moscow to demand free elections and an end to Putin’s rule.

Channel One began its report by introducing Clinton as “a politician who puts herself above the law, who is ready to win at any cost and who is ready to change her principles depending on the political situation.”

Meanwhile Trump continues to not wanting to release his previous tax years because he is being audited by the IRS – but the IRS says nothing is stopping him from releasing them. Some say the real reason is because either the tax loopholes that Trump has used to reduce his taxes or that the information will reveal that there are Russian investors in Trump’s companies.

Trump said that Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t make a military move into Ukraine — even though Putin already has done just that, seizing the country’s Crimean Peninsula. I guess Trump already thought that Crimea is part of Russia. He also blames Obama for the Russians taking Crimea.

I think we can agree that the state run TV network gets their marching order from the government. So Putin probably ordered the biased reporting.



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