Shutdown a computer [and restart] options

Little used by most is the hybrid utility called Shutdown.exe. And yes, it shuts down your computer or remote computers [some options only work with the local computer].

Just running it alone does nothing. It has both a GUI version [with the /i option] or command line parameters. The command line version includes many more options that you can’t do with the GUI.

First and foremost, you must have local admin rights on the computer you are shutting down – whether the one you are on the local one or remotely.

The command line has quite a few other options. To get all the options, go to a command prompt [run it elevated if you intend on using it right away] and run with the /? option to see them all. There will be the equivalent of a few screens.

The following are the more useful options:

  • shutdown /i – Show a graphical interface (note that this does not include all options available via command-line switches)
  • shutdown /s – Full shutdown
  • shutdown /r – Full shutdown and restart
  • shutdown /h – Hibernate the local computer
  • shutdown /l – To log off the current user
  • shutdown /?  – Command line options

For UEFI-based Windows 10 PCs, you have two extra options that can be invaluable:

  • shutdown /s /fw – After a full shutdown, the firmware user interface opens on next start
  • shutdown /r /o – After a restarts, it displays the advanced boot options menu

Note: As usual test before using [or a computer you can reboot anytime].



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