Another week of Trump, the sequel

Donald Trump slammed Democrats for not once mentioning ISIS on the first day of the Democratic National Convention and accused his rival party of creating the terrorist group through its policies. I guess the Democrats didn’t know that they have to mention ISIS all the time. “Can I have 2 hot dogs and an ISIS?” “That will be 5 ISIS and 45 cents, please.” The convention is 4 days long.

“They’ve created ISIS. Clinton created ISIS with Obama,” Trump said while campaigning in January and that Clinton “is responsible for ISIS.” Trump has offered little to back up that claim other than blaming Clinton’s “stupid policies.” The group used the ISIS name in 2014 [after Clinton wasn’t part of the government] but the roots of the group can be traced back to 1999 [during George W. Bush’s presidency].

Trump, whom Democrats have accused of having cozy ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, repeatedly declined to condemn the actions of Russia or any other foreign power of trying to intervene in the a U.S. election. He’s offered a “reward” to find the 33,000 missing emails from Clinton’s private email server. “If Russia or China or any of those country gets those emails, I’ve got to be honest with you, I’d love to see them.” Aside from a foreign government interfering with the US election, I wonder what he would say if they found some incriminating Emails of his. Clinton’s campaign said Trump’s comments amounted to encouraging “a foreign power to conduct espionage.”

Trump has publicly welcomed praise from Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling MSNBC in December that, “when people call you brilliant, that’s always good, especially when the person heads up Russia.” When the interviewer pointed out charges that Putin kills opponents and that he invaded neighbouring Ukraine, Trump responded that Putin is “running his country, and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country.”

Trump also said that he would not criticize Turkey for cracking down on political opponents and restricting civil liberties following last week’s attempted coup. He said the U.S. has no “right to lecture” Turkey and other countries but do it quite often.

Trump insists that his company had not received any significant investments from the country – which basically means there are some foreign investors. In the way he uses his words nothing significant could also mean major investors.

The mother of the late Ambassador Chris Stevens for Libya has condemned Donald Trump for using her son’s name saying “I am writing to object to any mention of his name and death in Benghazi, Libya, by Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party.” Stevens’ sister also added “to use that incident—and to use Chris’s death as a political point—is not appropriate.” They don’t blame Hillary Clinton or [Former Secretary of Defense] Leon Panetta. I doubt if Trump will abide by the request.

When Trump introduced Mike Pence it took almost 30 minutes into Trump’s speech and when he did, Trump then walked off the stage. Classy.

Oil tycoon Harold Hamm said “President Trump will fuel America’s future and become the first president to achieve American energy independence!” Considering that the US imports most of it’s oil still [and the biggest chunk of that is from Canada].

Not surprising, after Trump was “spanked” by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments about him, he wants her to resign saying she was out of line. His response on Twitter was “Her mind is shot – resign!” – which itself isn’t something nice to say [and as usual, Trump says something that isn’t true]. The usual suspects [Republicans] also weren’t happy. I guess the Republicans have an ulterior motive: Ginsburg is left leaning. Theoretically, if Trump actually won the election and Ginsburg resigned he could appoint two right wing justices. All those comments about Obama nominating a left wing and the Us would blow up, pushed back 100 years, etc. comments made by the Republicans would be made by the Democrats.

Ginsburg has since said she went a bit overboard.

A judge has to decide whether to allow the videos of Trump’s testimony be released to the public related to his failed Trump University. Trump can be seen in them explaining his blog posts in 2008 that Bill Clinton was a great president and Hillary Clinton would make a great president or vice-president. Of his praise for Hillary Clinton, he said: “I didn’t give it a lot of thought, because I was in business.”

After Bernie Sanders decided to support Clinton, Trump dished out comments like “Selling Out: Bernie Endorses Wall Street,” and “Bernie Is Now Officially Part Of A Rigged System,” and he invited the spurned to turn to him.” This from the man who golfs with billionaires from Wall Street.

Trump [if he became President] would be the only leader in the world to contend that climate change is a “con job” and a “myth”. Even the leaders of China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia agree that climate change is an issue and are trying to help out. Trump has pledged to “renegotiate” U.S. commitments under the Paris accord and has suggested that the science of climate change is part of a plot to weaken the American economy. “The entire country is FREEZING — we desperately need a heavy dose of global warming, and fast! Ice caps size reaches all-time high,” Trump the climate expert tweeted during a 2014 blizzard. And yet, Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Ireland cited the threat of sea level rise in a permit application to build a nearly two-mile-long stone wall between it and the Atlantic Ocean.

Trump, who claims strong support from the gay community but opposes same-sex marriage. Unsure how much support he really has. He has invited transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner to use whichever bathroom in Trump Tower she’d like. I wonder what his position if it was someone who’s not a transgender.

Trump claims police officers face similar “harassment” of the nature U.S. soldiers returning from the Vietnam War confronted.

“As you know, Mr. Trump is undergoing a routine audit and plans to release his returns when completed,” said Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks. He’s being audited again? When did this start? Over a year ago [when he first refused to divulge his taxes]?



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