Rhetoric at the convention

So as the Republican convention continues, there are a number of issues that came up.

From Ted Cruz refusal to endorse Donald Trump because Trump went after his father and wife during the primaries. At the convention Cruz was booed as he left the stage. His wife was heckled and escorted off the stage.

Republicans at their national convention are putting Hillary Clinton on mock trial, declaring her guilty and issuing sentences that include death by firing squad, in a remarkable display of political rhetoric gone wild. The Secret Service is investigating some of the comments.

“Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason,” said a state lawmaker from New Hampshire.

On the streets of Cleveland, demeaning buttons for sale say “Life’s a Bitch – Don’t Elect One” and “Trump vs. Tramp.” Others have been even harsher and more vulgar, with crude references to parts of Clinton’s body.

Former GOP presidential candidate, Ben Carson, drew a connection between Clinton and Lucifer
Meanwhile, nothing mentioned about the lives lost in the past few weeks. But Black Lives Matter critic David Clarke, a Wisconsin sheriff who drew a massive ovation by declaring “Blue Lives Matter.” Black Lives Matter people weren’t impressed.

A July Associated Press-GfK poll found just 4 per cent of blacks and 19 per cent of Hispanics would support the New York billionaire if the election were held today.

A black delegate [his fourth convention] says he’s happy that there are about 80 delegates now – up from 4 in his first convention. But that is still about 3.3% of all the GOP the delegates.

Conservative political commentator Laura Ingraham had one of the more awkward gaffes of the night, with a stilted attempt at a wave that some interpreted as a Nazi salute. https://t.co/RUbSh2gkLL

Like a true capitalist, Trump tweeted to purchase his official Trump “gear” online.



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