Some more Trump news

Ahead of a Clinton speech in Atlantic City, Trump said that he “made a lot of money” off his properties and left before the downturn and blamed the city’s problems on politicians’ “big mistakes.” But in fact, two of his casinos’ three bankruptcies occurred in years when overall Atlantic City gambling revenue was rising. For example, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. went bust in 2004, Atlantic City’s casino revenues were on their way to an all-time high.

Trump filed for bankruptcy on the Taj Mahal in 1991 and the Trump Castle Associates in 1992. He later filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts in 2004 and Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009. Trump has defended the bankruptcies by noting that he never personally went bankrupt. So he doesn’t mind if people lose their jobs and homes but it’s OK for him.

Trump pushed back against criticism of his companies’ bankruptcy history, repeating his argument that like other smart businessmen, he “used, brilliantly, the laws of the country” to his advantage. Trump claims that major companies have gone bankrupt [multiple times] but Clinton used CNN reporting saying that no major U.S. company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the last 30 years more than Trump’s casino empire.

“I have used the laws of this country … the (bankruptcy) chapter laws, to do a great job for my company, for myself, for my employees, for my family.” Didn’t he used the term “rigged” to describe Clinton’s mail server issue? Unsure how declaring your company bankrupt can help anyone except yourself. See this video.

Seems even Trump’s campaign hats “Make America Great Again” may not be totally made in America. At least one of the hats in a small sample tested by the AP and an outside expert did not contain the specific type of American-made fabric. Informed of the AP’s findings, Trump said any misrepresentation would be unacceptable. “I pay a good price for that hat. If it’s not made in the USA, we’ll bring a lawsuit.”

In addition to the fabric analysis, two of the manufacturer’s employees, including a top sales agent, said the hats’ fabric, bills and stiffeners were imported from overseas. The factory’s owner, Brian Kennedy of Cali-Fame of Los Angeles Inc., said the two employees were wrong, but he declined to explain the fabric discrepancy. Federal law requires that items labeled “Made in USA” be made from materials “all or virtually all” from the United States.

Trump’s private companies and the clothing line run by his daughter Ivanka routinely sell clothes and other products made in China and other Asian countries.

Trump’s campaign sells its hats for $25 to $30 each on its website. It was unclear how many it has sold, but the campaign has paid Cali-Fame nearly $1.5 million for hats through the end of last month. The knockoffs, sometimes worn by Trump supporters at his rallies, can be had for as little as $6 on

Trump has praised former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s ruthlessness. “Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right? … But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good.” Trump has previously said the world would be “100 per cent better” if dictators like Hussein and Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi were still in power. Meanwhile, Iraq was listed by the U.S. as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Trump previously has retweeted messages with questionable profiles. For example, Trump retweeted inaccurate crime statistics that vastly overstated the percentage of whites killed by blacks.

Marco Rubio decided to run for the Senate again because “the Senate’s role of being able to act as a check and balance on bad ideas from the president I think are going to matter more in 2017.” Is he aiming those remarks at Clinton or Trump?

In seven of 15 countries outside of the U.S. polled [Canada, 10 European countries and 4 Asian countries] by Pew Research Center, Trump’s ratings are in the single digits. Large majorities in 11 of the countries have little or no confidence in the prospective Republican presidential nominee ability to manage international affairs. That includes 92 per cent of Swedes, 89 per cent of Germans and 82 per cent of Japanese. He polls best in China, where there is a split between 40 per cent who have no confidence in Trump and 39 per cent who do not offer an opinion.

Some swing states [those which flip flop in elections between Democrats and Republicans] are swinging towards the Democrats because of Trump’s comments he has made against various minority groups. Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico could turn on Trump. That’s 21 electoral votes. All brought Dubya into the White house 12 years ago. While Clinton has visited them and spent money on advertising, Trump has yet to visit them and spent very little. Very little staff in those states for Trump either. Even the political arm on the NRA has spent little.

Trump has also whined because Obama is using Air Force One as he is helping Clinton with her campaign. Previous Presidents have help [although not Bill Clinton or Dubya], so why isn’t she allowed? Maybe Trump expects Obama and entourage to fly economy class on an American Airlines flight. The cost of flying Air Force One for political travel is divided between the federal government [using taxpayer dollars] and the candidate’s political organization. Because Obama is traveling to Charlotte [in this case] solely for the purpose of stumping for Clinton, her campaign [or the DNC] would have to foot a portion of the bill whether the candidate was aboard or not.

A poll from Fox News stating 58% thought Clinton was corrupt while 38% say she is honest. Remember this is Fox. It’s like going to a redneck bar and asking who likes beer…

Not surprising, Trump wants out of various trade deals saying jobs were lost. While 5.5 million manufacturing jobs over the past 25 years, there has been an increase of close to 1 million jobs in manufacturing in the last 6 years. There were just under 16.9 million people employed in manufacturing in the U.S. at the start of 1994. The figure rose to as high as 17.6 million in 1998 and remained above 17 million until March of 2001, when George W. Bush was President [coincidence?]. As well, if raising tariffs on Mexico, Japan and China would cost the average household $2,200 a year according to experts.

Trump has repeatedly said he prefers someone with political experience to help him guide his agenda through Washington as his running mate. So at least he admits he’s not a politician with experience. I think we knew that.

After meeting with Trump in June, social conservative leader James Dobson said he believed that Trump had found Christ and become a born-again Christian. Wow. Just after a meeting…

“If we’re going to deliver real change, we’re going to have to reject the campaign of fear and intimidation being pushed by powerful corporations, media elites, and powerful dynasties,” Trump said. “The people who rigged the system for their benefit will do anything and say anything to keep things exactly as they are.” This coming from a multi-billionaire who meets with business leaders in his [former] job.

While we know what Trump think of Muslim immigrants, former speaker Newt Gingrich’s thoughts are just as wacky. He proposes that there should be a test should be devised to check the safety credentials of Syrian refugees based on Sharia, or Islamic Law. Test possible terrorists about their laws? It’s like giving a Vatican Bishop a test to see if he knows about the Catholic faith…. Terrorists are hard core when it comes to their laws. They want Sharia law.



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