Some people really don’t like Windows 10…

…. And they probably never even looked at it.

Even after almost a year, it seems some computer “techies” will continue to find excuses in not to upgrade to Windows 10.

The latest is a “subscription” application found in the latest build of what will become the Anniversary Update for Windows 10. Microsoft has already stated that the application is for subscriptions but for the enterprise edition of Windows 10 – even though it is found in the non-enterprise edition installations.

And yet some people are already thinking that either a subscription service is coming soon or when Windows 10 support dies in 9+ years.

Well, there would be a huge backlash if Microsoft decided to start a subscription service for consumers.

As for support the service in 9+, what’s the difference? Do people expect their computer to be around in 9+ years? Especially if some upgraded from a previous OS? Give me a break.

Some are still whining about the telemetry issue – that is that Microsoft is “spying” on them. Again, there would be an actual backlash if Microsoft did that. Instead some anonymous information is sent to Microsoft to improve Windows [or applications].

But again, you can disable some or most of them by using the various tools that exist to stop the reporting such as The Next big Tweak and Spybot’s Anti-Beacon software.



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