Another week of Trump News

The FBI has stated that they wouldn’t recommend for prosecutors to go after Clinton in regards to her Email server. She and some of her staff had bad judgement but nothing warranted any prosecution. I’m sure Trump will continue to dig at this like he did with Obama’s birth status 5 years ago even though the latter has shown Obama was born in the US. So Trump has basically has his two main attack issues shot down recently [it was ruled that she had little or nothing to do with the Benghazi embassy rampage]. But Trump will keep on mentioning them because he has little else.

Trump not surprisingly complained that the system is “rigged” after Clinton won’t be charged for her mail server episode and that “it was no accident that charges were not recommended against Hillary the exact same day as President Obama campaigns with her for the first time.” The announcement came before Obama started to help her. Note that the FBI director who made the final decision is a Republican.

Disgraced former Trump campaign chief Lewandowski even said that he believes Trump will ignore whatever the outcome is in the FBI/DoJ investigation into her mail server just like the way he still called Obama a non-American even after authorities said he was. I guess he has his own rules and laws – and ignore everyone else. Sounds a bit like a dictatorship. [Lewandowski is now working for CXNN – a left leaning network. Needed the job badly?]

Trump’s own Twitter account posted Clinton with a background of US money, calling her corrupt and using a Star of David in it. Within 2 hours [and more backlash], the tweet was replaced with the Star of David removed in favor of a circle. Even his former controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said he didn’t find anything wrong with the original tweet even after it was pulled. He blamed the “mainstream” media for blowing things out of proportion. Seems that he now feels that even the right-wing media [such as Fox] are against Trump as he used “mainstream” media and not “left-wing”.

But ten days earlier, the same graphic appeared on an Internet message board loaded with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and neo-Nazi ideology – and nobody knows who tweeted it from Trump’s account. Great security.

Now Trump campaign social media director Dan Scavino claims in a statement on Trump’s Facebook page that he had lifted Star of David/money image from an anti-Clinton Twitter feed and had never intended to offend anyone. I guess an anti-Semitic site is anti-Clinton which was where it was first seen before Trump [or someone in his team] posted it non Facebook. Again, if the Trump team thought it wasn’t offensive, why was the image changed two hours later.

Scavino said that the star, which he described as a sheriff’s badge “fit with the theme of corrupt Hillary and that is why I selected it.” I wonder how many people would think the star as a sheriff’s badge the way it was shown. He’s getting good lessons from his boss. And of course Trump’s team had to resort to stealing someone’s work. Scavino claims he would never do that because wife is Jewish.

“Dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in a tweet as the Star of David rather than a Sheriff’s Star, or plain star!” Trump tweeted. But combined with money in the background and you can have different interpretations. [OK, why would someone use a Sheriff’s star to attack Clinton?]

Former KKK head David Duke said on his radio show that there was “no way” the star depicted in the Clinton tweet was anything other than Star of David.

“There’s no anti-Semitism in Mr. Trump’s body, not one ounce, not one cell,” from campaign adviser Ed Brookover. And yet Trump had initially didn’t turn down former KKK David Duke’s endorsement. [He blamed his initial refusal on a faulty earpiece. Always excuses.]

His team also wound up — accidentally, it said — choosing as a delegate to the upcoming Republican National Convention a white nationalist leader named William Johnson whose group paid for pro-Trump robo-calls during the GOP primary.

The Washington Post poll suggested that Clinton’s gambit against Trump could is drawing blood because 64% said he was not qualified to serve as President. Seventy percent of those asked said that the idea of Trump made them anxious.

$46.1 million is the amount of money that Trump has loaned his campaign by the end of May and now he says his campaign can keep it. Donors have repeatedly voiced concerns about whether Trump would use donations to repay his loans.

Clinton is “a world-class liar,” Trump said during a speech in New York. “Just look at her pathetic email and server statements … or her phony landing in Bosnia, where she said she was under attack but the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers.” I think most politicians are liars and his comments aren’t much better. While most politicians use “maybe” or “is probably” to show that they could be prong, Trump seems to be sure of himself [or just a liar] by being definitive even though usually with little proof that he’s right.

Trump continues to use the phrase “America First” in his speeches and campaign materials. Some claim it reminds them of the America First Committee in 1940 where as many as 800,000 people in that organization urged the US government not to join the war or to help the British. Some of those in the group included automaker Henry Ford, aviator Charles Lindbergh, and former U.S. Olympic Committee chairman Avery Brundage. They pushed both anti-British as well as anti-Semitic views. The organization disbanded right after the Pearl Harbor attack. The Anti-Defamation League has asked Trump not to use “America First” but got no answer. Then it was the anti-Jewish [among others] immigration. Now Trump is pushing an anti-Muslim immigration agenda.

Trump recently said in a speech “Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy. I used to be one of them. Hate to say it, but I used to be one of them.” Maybe if he showed his taxes for the past few years, we would see if he really left the “financial elite”. Maybe he thinks his net worth of approximately $4.5 billion US doesn’t put in that group. Forbes list him as the 121st richest in the US. [And yet he equates Clinton with money but Bill and Hillary have a combined $80 million.]

Trump said his former Republican primary rivals who have refused to support him in November should be barred from running for public office again. “They signed a pledge saying they will abide, saying they will back the candidate of the party. They broke their word. In my opinion, they should never be allowed to run for public office again because what they did is disgraceful.” What word? Did they sign a contract to support him if he won at the beginning of the primaries?

The AP was able to conduct its review of Clinton’s fundraisers because her campaign makes public background information about its finance events. Trump’s campaign does not. Trump associates say he has held several small gatherings with bigger donors, including during a May swing through California. Couldn’t of pulled in much considering what his totals were at the end of May.

Regarding the country’s debt, Trump said, “You go back and you say, guess what, the economy crashed, I’m going to give you half.” Huh?

Again the question is where is she corrupt?

[Damn. I think I need a page/section just for this Trump stuff!]



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