Selfie Elbow?

I think one of the most ridiculous things to come out in the past 5-10 years is the selfie.
Some people are obsessed with taking selfies.

You have the queen of publicity hounds, Kim Kardashian, with a book of selfies – and sold at a premium price – and I think she is coming out with a second volume. Can you imaging 200+ pictures of her doing whatever [I am sure probably in various levels of undress as well].

I’m waiting for her hubby, the king of publicity hounds, Kanye West, to come out with one. Or two. Or three. Maybe they’ll compete to see which books sell the best. I would guess she will – her family has done little as part of the human race and yet she got this far.

For us dull normals, it is OK to take the odd picture, but now there is a new medical issue.
You have heard of tennis elbow, where a tennis player has inflamed tendons in the elbow. [At least I can understand how this happens.]

Well there is what can be described as “selfie elbow”. It seems the way some people hold their smartphone [or a tablet] to take a picture of themselves or them with some buddies.
I am hoping your local state or provincial government doesn’t take this too seriously where an employer will be obliged to pay for someone’s sick leave because of selfie elbow [well unless it really interferes with their job].

The whole selfie concept is ridiculous – made even worse by buying a $10-$15 selfie stick [something that was manufactured for peanuts].

I’ve personally taken less than a half dozen selfies since my first smartphone.

If you have taken many [very many] of them, maybe you like to create your own publicity. But who will actually care?



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