Windows 10 Anniversary Edition comes out on August 2nd

Microsoft’s “Anniversary Update” for Windows 10, which scheduled for release August 2, will have a bunch of new features that I did not mention before.

  • Cortana, the digital assistant, will be able to “remember” [for example] pictures if you ask, speak to “her” even while their screen has gone into sleep mode, remember account numbers or parking locations.
  • The biometric identifier such as facial recognition will be extended to third party applications and web sites. So you don’t need to remember more passwords.
  • Video gamers will be able to start playing on an Xbox One console and then switch to a Windows 10 PC [and vice versa] and then resume on another device without losing their progress.
  • You can specify a period of the day [maximum 12 hours] where Windows will not update your system.
  • Several major groups of options from the Control Panel, including networking, have now moved almost entirely to the new Settings app. Eventually the Control Panel will disappear.
  • The Action Center icon moves to the right of the system clock, and a badge over the icon lets you know how many new notifications are available. In addition, you can now tweak notification settings on an app-by-app basis, with more intelligent grouping options.
  • Cortana is still an opt-in feature, one that can be completely disabled (so that it works as a search box only) and even hidden from the taskbar completely.
  • Edge now supports extension. Will it help?
  • Windows Information Protection will debut as part of Windows 10. This enterprise feature provides file-level encryption for business data and apps in the name of data separation and leak prevention.
  • Also for enterprises is the Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection threat-intelligence and attack detection service.

Microsoft says that there are 350 million devices [laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones] that are using Windows 10. This up from 300 million in May.



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