Microsoft finally [partially] fixes GWX

After taking quite a bit of heat this past couple of months or so for tricking people to upgrade to windows 10, Microsoft finally released another update [the infamous KB3035583] to change [again] the GWX setup.

As you can see from the image, the upgrade window now looks more like the they should of used instead of the previous one [at least] where if you clicked on the “X” in the upper right corner it should close the window. In the previous case, it started the upgrade!


Unsure if it is completely related or not but a travel agency owner had her computer at work upgraded… but she claims it was slow and crashed after the upgrade. She went to court and went after Microsoft for $10,000 for the loss of time and made her computer unstable.

I am wondering how stable her computer was to begin with. Considering an upgrade actually creates a new installation of Windows and them migrates applications and data over, unless there were some flakey drivers ort maybe one of her applications was not compatible with Windows 10, nothing would make her computer crawl. [I would assume that if GWX found something incompatible, it wouldn’t upgrade the system.]

Microsoft was first ready to take her on in court – them with their team of high priced lawyers versus her lawyer [maybe 2] but backed down. Sort of like taking a chain gun to a dual of pistols.

“I had never heard of Windows 10” was what she said. Was she vacationing in Mars for the last 11 months? She never saw any message on her computer or wondering what that icon [GWX] was? She never saw any TV ads? None of her friends or employees [assuming she isn’t the only employee] ever mentioned it?

Glad I don’t live in Sausalitio. She’d probably suggest I should take a vacation in Syria if I wanted a peaceful place to vacation.

Back to the real story, what took Microsoft so long in fixing the window. It should have been the window used 11 months ago.

Of course, the upgrades without approval are still happening. A few weeks ago someone I know claimed that 3 of her friends’ computers were upgraded but never approved.



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