More on Brexit

The world economy has [well as of today] rebounded after the European Union held their first “Brexit” meeting in Brussels since the referendum in Great Britain.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the largest group of Brits who wanted to leave the EU were actually those who are baby boomers and older.

The Brexit leaders hope that Great Britain can still enjoy many perks of the EU internal market for business but at the same time deny EU citizens from entering to the U.K. to live there.

Maybe they believe they can get the same deals as Norway and Switzerland. Both countries never joined the EU but do have various arrangements that give them better perks than other non-EU nations.

“Whoever wants to leave this family cannot expect to have no more obligations but to keep privileges,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said. “We will ensure that the negotiations are not carried out with the principle of cherry-picking.”

What the Brexit leaders want is the same as Quebec separatists claimed that they could have in 2 previous referendums on separation [the last in 1995] – have the best of both world. They claimed they wouldn’t be required to pay the roughly 25% of Canada’s debt [roughly Quebec’s population in Canada] but still enjoy the perks as if Quebec was in Canada including using the Canadian currency, various trade deals, etc.

The EU leaders have already signaled that they may deal harshly with the Brits to make sure other EU nations do not leave them. There have been some rumblings from some countries [reportedly France and the Netherlands are two] who’s far right parties [however small they are] are pushing to leave the EU as well.



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