Of Orlando and Trump

Well, another major mass shooting in the US. In this case it is the largest mass shooting in US history and the largest terrorist attack since 9/11.

49 people lost their lives plus over 50 injured.

The terrorist, a first generation American Muslim born in New York but living in Florida, supposedly disliked the fact that two men could kiss in public [according to his father], opened fire in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Supposedly the terrorist made some pro-ISIS comments to 911 during the rampage.

But the politicians being politicians in an election year are trying to push their own agenda.

In the hours after the Orlando shooting, Trump issued a statement calling on President Barack Obama to resign for refusing “to even say the words ‘radical Islam'” in his response to the attack. He also called for Clinton to drop out of the race for president if she didn’t use the words “radical Islam” to describe the Florida nightclub massacre. [At the time, it may have been unclear of the shooter’s motives but all are using the word “terrorist” now.]

Trump appeared to falsely claim that the perpetrator of the Orlando mass shooting was born outside the U.S. but was born in New York [last I checked, New York was still in the US]. Meanwhile, Trump continues to suggest banning Muslim immigration using the shooting as an excuse. He will have an excuse to push further his thoughts of a Muslim immigration ban – even though the shooter was not an immigrant.

“He wanted to kill Americans but in order to execute gay and lesbian citizens because of their sexual orientation,” Trump said. So Trump is defending the LGBTQ community even though he dislikes their lifestyle. Trump suggested that he was in fact the “real friend” of the LGBT community but has he ever had a rally with their supporters. Definitely an election year.

As well Trump claims [somehow] that more Syrian immigrants coming into the US will somehow damage the LGBTQ community claiming radial Islamists dislike those in the LGBTQ community. I think they dislike anyone opposed to their views.

Trump, like some Republicans, continue to think that voting in the Democrats will mean the end of the 2nd Amendment [right to bear arms]. In fact, the Democrats want to restrict guns from those who have no need for those used by the gunman in Orlando. If restrictions were in place for guns such as AK-47 to be banned by the general public or more thorough checks on who could buy them, there could have been a chance that most if not all the killings could have been averted.

Supposedly he was on the radar at least a couple of times of the FBI and probably the Department of Home Security but not enough to stop him from buying the guns a week ago. But at least he was denied a chance to buy a bullet proof vest. Go figure. Sounds like the vest is more dangerous than an automatic gun. Either that or one department didn’t talk to another.

He was abusive and unstable, according to his ex-wife after a short marriage where he would come home and beat her for almost any reason. And yet he worked at some type of security company. Don’t they check for mental issues and/or with various levels of governments to see if prospective employees could be a security risk?

Seems the apple doesn’t far from the tree. His father has previously aligned his beliefs with the Talaban in Afghanistan [where he is from] as well as having a Facebook page claiming to be the leader of Afghanistan and telling those who read that the current leadership are puppets, corrupt, etc.

Condolences to the victims’ families.


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