Time for the Republicans to help govern, not block

Recently Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote an opinion for CNN was complaining that the Republicans continue to block Obama from governing the country.

I wonder what took her so long to come out with this as it has been like this for almost 8 years [and bad the last couple of years].

Even before Obama step one foot in the Oval Office as President, the Republicans have been using delay tactics for everything. Publically, they said they would work with the new government. They figure if they can’t govern effectively, they won’t be re-elected. But in 2012, Obama was re-elected. Ooops.

Particularly in the last couple of years, the Republicans have blocked nominations to fill the head agencies, fill judicial vacancies and staff other key government posts. Effectively many areas of the government have gone without heads or key positions for months. This in turn leads to confusion that runs a department.

Let’s say you were in a department, you had no boss. Who exactly approves purchases, vacation time, fires people, etc.? Maybe a more senior person or even from another department has to fill in.

[I guess if there was a positive side it’s the fact that less salaries is paid.]

It is close to three months since Obama nominated a Supreme Court justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia. Yet the Republicans are dragging their feet complaining that Obama doesn’t have the right to nominate a new justice in his final year – and yet Reagan did the same.

Meanwhile the Supreme Court could be deadlocked in a vote of 4 to 4 because the 9th justice hasn’t joined them. [And the Republics said a left leaning justice will start the equivalent of an American apocalypse with all hell breaking lose such as the loss of various amendments that would set back the country for 100 years. Maybe that’s when they think they’ll have another Republican as president.]

The Republicans claim they want the “people” to have a voice and yet wasn’t Obama and other members of Congress voted by the people [to be their proxy]? This isn’t democratic.

With the open seat they figure they will have Donald Trump to become president and choose a right leaning justice.

But aren’t judges supposed to be unbiased? They shouldn’t be judging by their party or their faith but by what is right according to the law.

Republican Party leader McConnell recently wrote that “on issues of great national significance, one party should never simply force its will on everybody else.” Oh ya?

Since taking control of the Senate in 2015, the number of appointments by the Obama administration is at the lowest amount for decades. Not because of the lack of nominees but because of delay tactics by the Republicans in the Senate.

The opposition’s job is not to halt the government’s work but add a voice. If there is no reason to [for example] block Obama’s Supreme Court justice nominee other than he is left leaning, then they are not doing their job.

The Democratic Party did their job when Clarence Thomas was investigated after the allegations made against him [whether true or not]. That is a proper opposition.

But for the Republican Party to block just about any nominee for numerous positions is just plainly bad. This may end up biting them in November. [Bad enough that they have a fairly unpopular candidate.]

If you want some light reading from Elizabeth Warren [complete with tables]….


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