Sanders doesn’t want to quit

Even with Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the Democratic Party nomination has all but disappeared, he is still fighting on. The nomination itself should be settled on Tuesday when almost 700 delegates are at stake and Hillary Clinton will need around 20 after tonight to clinch.

But Sanders thinks he can woo many of the super delegates over to his side. Good luck to him. If the race ended today, he would need to seduce to his [dark] side over half of the 544 super delegates that Clinton has in about a month or so. Many of the delegates are party faithful while Sanders isn’t part of the Democratic Party but a liberal. The party’s establishment may not like him causing problems at the convention.

He vowed, “The Democratic National Convention will be a contested convention.”

But with the over 600 delegates at stake on Tuesday, it will make it extremely difficult to over-take Clinton even if he did manage to grab half of Clinton’s super delegates. While polls say they are dead even in California, even if they split the remaining states, there would be little left in the contest as the primaries end a week later.

California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota hold their primaries on Tuesday.

For months, Sanders and his campaign have railed against how the Democratic National Committee and Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz have handled the primary process, claiming it has helped Clinton with debates held on Saturday nights [and exactly how?], closed primaries in major states such as New York, and the use of super delegates. Problem is that he knew how the process worked when he joined the contest, when the states would hold their votes as well as closed primaries. You adapt to work around the problem – not whine like Trump. Sore loser.

Between his age as well as his comments [he said at one point that 10,000 died on 9/11 as well as other odd comments – I think just about any American can tell you roughly how many died then].

He is starting to remind me more and more like Trump. That is getting scary.



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5 Responses to Sanders doesn’t want to quit

  1. At least he’s not a criminal.

    • ebraiter says:

      Who’s the criminal? Clinton? Can’t be a criminal [except in Trump’s mind] if you haven’t been charged and found guilt by a court.
      If she wins the presidency, let them try to convict her.
      Considering the Emails she sent out from that mail server, anyone who opened her messages are just as guilty. They should of seen the mail wasn’t sent from a .gov address but by a [I’ll assume] .com address.

      • Valid point. Nobody is officially a criminal until they’ve had their day in court. Of course, by that logic, Hitler wasn’t a criminal either. Ok, extreme example.
        As for what will happen if she’s elected as president, I doubt that we’ll ever know. I’ve long been of the opinion that she won’t be the nominee (neither will Bernie). Hillary is being used (knowingly, or, more likely, unwittingly) by Obama as a stooge to absorb the slings and arrows of the right, so as to clear the path for his handpicked successor.

      • ebraiter says:

        Well, if Clinton does win, it would be up to Congress to do something. It could of [for example] there are more Republican senators. The Republicans went after her hubby but failed [hmmmm].
        As for Obama using her, she hasn’t been part of Obama’s cabinet for how many years?

  2. ebraiter says:

    Well even after Clinton has clinched the number of delegates and with quite a big lead even if super delegates aren’t part of the equation, Sanders doesn’t want to give up. It looks bad for him. Know when your time has come to bow out.

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