More changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Microsoft has made some further changes in preparation for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update [AE] – which is expected in July.

  • Microsoft is releasing Cortana on the Android platform. Why do so and why related to AE? Cortana can mirror all your Android phone’s notifications to your PC, giving you all your notifications in Windows 10’s Action Center. So if you battery is running low on your Galaxy S7, you will be notified in Windows 10. Directions to a store in Windows 10 will also show up on your Nexus 6P.
  • “Messaging Everywhere” follows the above as it will allow you to send a SMS message from your Windows 10 PC through your phone. Similarly, a SMS message on your phone will show up on your PC.
  • The “Dark Theme” that some seem to like will be available all over Windows 10. Previously available only by a registry setting or by pressing a secret keyboard shortcut in the Store app.
  • Group policies will allow you to switch between Edge and Internet Explorer when some sites do not open correctly in Edge.
  • The Edge browser will support Chrome-style extensions, and Microsoft will provide a tool that helps developers quickly convert Chrome extensions to Edge extensions.
  • Edge will automatically detect and pause Flash content that isn’t integral to the page [such as ads] and you’ll have to click it to play the Flash item. Games and videos on web pages should work normally. Also added are pinning tabs.
  • Windows Hello will now support Windows apps and the Edge browser, so you can securely log into apps and web sites using your fingerprint as well aside from Windows itself. Hello will also be able to unlock your PC with “companion devices” such as Microsoft Band fitness band or any type of smartphone.
  • Go figure. Microsoft initially ditched Skype for Windows [App store version] just before Windows 10 was released. Now, Microsoft will create a new universal Windows app version of Skype that will eventually replace the traditional desktop application when it has enough features.
  • AE will include the Ubuntu command line with all the standard Linux tools. Of course you can’t do some commands such as fsck.
  • The Start menu has changed [again]. The “All Apps” option is now gone as you will just see a full list of installed applications shown on the left side of your Start menu. Your most frequently used and recently added applications will also appear at the top of this list. The three most recently added applications will be shown and you can add to this list to see more applications sorted by install date.
  • In the lock screen, your Email will not appear if you signed in with a Microsoft account but can be enabled, if you wish. Cortana can be used even on a locked screen, if enabled.
  • For Windows Updates, you can specify a schedule where Windows Updates will avoid restarting your computer during that schedule.
  • The Action Center button is now located at the far right corner of the taskbar and is no longer mixed in with the other system tray icons and are now grouped by app in the Action Center. You can also customize the Quick Actions.
  • The File Explorer window now has a new icon and it’s primarily white–with a bit of yellow.

Microsoft still hasn’t given an exact date when AE will be released, but in most cases Microsoft releases major releases on a Tuesday and the day after the 4th of July holiday in the US is a Tuesday.


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