Do leaders deserve a day off?

Today, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided that, while on a business and G7 trip in Japan, to take the day off from “work” so he can spend the day with his wife for their 11th anniversary.

[The anniversary isn’t until Saturday but I think it is more interesting to take the day off in Japan than to do it in Winnipeg when he is at the party’s convention [and the actual anniversary date]! Right?]

As the leader of the Canadian government, he is technically working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during his term.

At last check, other world leaders are doing the same thing.

I really don’t see the American public complain when US President Barack Obama takes a week off in Hawaii. You think Obama was ever not interrupted for some crisis for 24 hours straight?

I really don’t think it is penny pinching either as Trudeau is paying for him and his wife’s day [travel, food, etc.].

But in one non-scientific poll, at least 20% said they aren’t happy. About 40% said he should pay – which he is doing.

And yet some in the public says he shouldn’t get a day off.

As mentioned before, he is “on call” 24 hours a day. He could be waken at 3:30am because of an important situation. He may be interrupted on his day off for something.

Some will complain what his staff will do while he is off. They get paid just like anyone else. They can prepare for the upcoming days. When a manager at a company takes a day or a week off, does the manager’s people do nothing while the manager is out? No.

I would guess that some who are complaining are doing so just because their Prime Minister candidate did not get elected in the last election.



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