This week in Trump news


Trump is on the warpath, this time asking the New York Times to retract a story on how he treats women.

In the story the first woman mentioned in the story, former girlfriend Rowanne Brewer Lane, Trump said the Times “spun” her words to make them seem negative. But Brewer Lane did not dispute any of the specific quotes or ask for a correction. But later she told CNN that she was misled and misquoted by a New York Times article. Interesting about the about face. What changed her mind?

Ex-employee Barbara Res told The Times that Trump called her “Honey Bunch” and routinely commented on the physical appearance of women in the workplace. Trump tweeted that he gave Res a top construction job “when that was unheard of”. I guess Trump figures that he can make those comments since he gave her a job.

Meanwhile, no surprise here, the National Rifle Association, is backing Trump.

As well, in an interview with Fox, when the reported asked Trump about his “issues” with women, Trump couldn’t wait to flip things and comment about President Bill Clinton including commenting about rape – which there has never been any allegations about. I guess he’s inventing things. [If, by some fluke, Trump becomes the next president, I can imagine the mess if women come out of the “woodwork” accusing him of sexual harassment, groping, etc.]

After the recent crash into the Mediterranean sea of an EgyptAir airliner, Trump blamed [at least partially] Hillary Clinton. Unsure why. She hasn’t helped run the government in a while and even then had little to do with transportation or airline security. Is he going to blame her for ObamaCare as well? Maybe he will blame her for the typhoons in Asia.

Recent polls state that both Trump and Clinton aren’t that popular but overall, when they had to choose, Clinton has 47% while Trump has 41%. [Fox had Trump with a slight lead but do anyone believe them?]

Some old state records from 1981 show that Trump claimed that his combined income in 1978 and 1979 was negative $3.8 million, allowing him to pay no taxes. A few years earlier, he had told the New York Times he was worth more than $200 million.

I’m wondering if those who prefer Trump know that he has never had a government position and has had multiple bankruptcies, but still managed not to pay any taxes for at least two years.



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