No this is not about Trump…

… But if I removed Bernie Sanders name, you thought it maybe be about Donald Trump. After all Trump whined about similar issues. Like Trump, Sanders is not a clear party candidate [Trump switched sides a number of years ago].

Seems now the Bernie Sanders “camp” in the Democratic Party are getting cranky.  Throughout the campaign [against Hillary Clinton], they have been fairly quiet.

Now, after months in the campaign, some backers are unhappy with the party rule saying that the rules favor Clinton for a variety of reasons.

Some have even resorted to sending threatening messages to Nevada state party Chairwoman Roberta Lange after posting her phone number and address on social media. Top Democrats are asking for an apology.

The Sanders campaign condemned unruly behavior from supporters and those who made threats to party leaders but still don’t like the rules.

The Sanders campaign have complained about the nomination process, debates on Saturday night [anything special about a Saturday night?], the use of superdelegates [most will back Clinton because they are long time party members] and why there are closed primaries in major states.

Sanders knew these would be issues prior to the primary season. He knew that the superdelegates will probably support Clinton. As for closed primaries, I believe this is the states’ choice.

He also has to remember that he isn’t a card carrying Democratic Party member but an independent liberal.

The party isn’t about the change the rules in the end of the primaries or force superdelegates to choose for a specific candidate. These are the same rules used in 2008 and the rules were adopted across the country by state parties in 2014.

Did Sanders read the fine print? Just like buying a car, you read [for example] what is and what is not covered by the warranty. Maybe it is a last ditch effort by the Sanders campaign. After all, Sanders is almost mathematically eliminated from the race.



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