The Republican Party’s dilemma

The Republican Party continue to ponder what to do with Donald Trump. Many in the party would prefer someone who is more stable than him.

Some, such as former Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, have suggested fielding a third party candidate but Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has stated a third party candidate would split the right and guarantee a win for Hillary Clinton. Priebus also warns that the Supreme Court could move to the left for “100 years” and “wrecking this country for generations”.

First, even if Clinton got into the White House she would have problems running the country if there are more Republicans in Congress. They would shoot down anything she tries to pass while she would veto anything they tried to pass.

Second, as for the Supreme Court, unsure how 100 years come in as with 9 justices [but one opening], vacancies don’t come that often but still often enough that if the GOP regain the White house in 4 or 8 years, I’m sure there will be at least one vacancy during that period [even if for two terms]. If they can’t field a normal candidate, who’s fault is that?

Meanwhile Donald Trump is flipping [ever so slightly] regarding his platform. Last December he’d say he would ban Muslims from entering the country. Later on he would give exceptions to [I guess] those Muslims he can trust. Now he is saying his ban is only a suggestion.

Meanwhile, you have read about this so-called interview between one of his staffer “John Miller” and “John Barron” in 1991 with People magazine reporter Sue Carswell. The voice sounds quite like Trump himself. “Miller” talked about Maples as if he knew her instead of “Ms. Maples” or something more respectful.

[The fact that – according to one interview – Trump had three girlfriends when with Maples doesn’t look good.]

When a Washington Post reported called Trump recently and the conversation came up regarding the 1991 interview, they got disconnected. When the reporter called back, Trump’s secretary said he is now busy with something else.

Meanwhile, a “John Baron” [or Barron] is described as a “vice-president” in the Trump organization and appeared in a front-page New York Times article in 1980, defended Trump’s decision to destroy sculptures on the front of the Bonwit Teller department store building. This building on Fifth Avenue was demolished to make way for his new Trump Tower. Barron was quoted variously as a spokesman, executive, or representative in various publications.

Meanwhile Trump has used the name “Barron” for decades. While married to Ivana, he was seeing Maples, he sometimes used the code name “the Baron” when he left messages for her.

A suggestion that the two staffers come forward to prove people wrong has gone unanswered. [I guess the trump people are looking for two people with these names and have a Trump-like voice].



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