The Rock & Roll Hall of Shame

I’m serious about the title.

Warning: Some may not like my choices on who should and shouldn’t be in.

Now that the 2016 induction ceremony has been shown on HBO, there really should look at who is getting into “The Hall” and why.

For example, this year there were 5 nominees:

  • Deep Purple: A pioneer in progressive metal. They deserve to be in.
  • Chicago: Not huge in the latter years but still have had a fine career.
  • Cheap Trick: Exactly what did they contribute to music that was different from most? After the album The Dream Police, the band when downhill in terms of sales and popularity. One studio album since 2009 [release around the time they were nominated.
  • Steve Miller: Same as Cheap Trick. Unsure what he did to deserve to be in. A few hits and sales but tanked since ….
  • N.W.A.: What the phrack? Rap in The Hall?

To make things even worse, Miller didn’t even want to be inducted but he kept himself on the ballot and showed up. There was even some controversy between him and the two guys from The Black Keys.

Miller has had exactly one studio albums since the 1988 release Born 2B Blue. Overall just 7 albums have been release since the early 1970s.

Going back to The Hall itself, The Hall seems to be widening what is termed “rock and roll” to include rap, funk, [pure] pop while ignoring others.

I’m more of a purist. So where is the rock in N.W.A. or Madonna?

Blues and country are close cousins. Even jazz can be considered as progressive rock has elements of both rock and jazz. But rap?

What’s next? House music? Polka?

Here is a short list of the best artists who aren’t in The Hall: Pearl Jam, Roxy Music, Jetho Tull, Marillion, Judas Priest, The Moody Blues, Yes, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Smashing Pumpkins, Boston, etc.

Surely quite a few in this list should have been in The Hall before Cheap Trick and Steve Miller.

If you noticed two different common types of music in the list, it is metal and progressive rock. With exceptions of a few the hall has barely inducted many from the metal and progressive rock. Those that are in are too popular not to be in.


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