More Windows 10 upgrade confusion

Over time there has been quite a bit of confusion, frustration as well as other thoughts people [some I can’t repeat!] have regarding the Windows 10 upgrade program.

There has been quite a few reports of Windows 10 being installed on computers without any authorization. I find it a bit odd considering right at the beginning you do need to answer a few questions in addition to accepting the End User License Agreement. [Maybe some don’t want to admit the mistake.]

Another issue was that once the infamous KB3035583 was installed, it would download between 3GB and 4GB of files without anyone’s knowledge. And for someone who has limited Internet access [or on a quota] this could really slow their Internet access [or blow their quota which would cause them to pay for going over quota].

Another issue is that Microsoft has so far released updated builds every 6 months. So if you got KIB3035583 installed 5 months after Windows 10 release, you probably would need to re-download Windows 10 in the 6th month.

A more logical option would have been having KB3035583 asking if you wanted to install Windows 10. Once agreed, it would ask you how do you want to download the upgrade. Immediately, over a decent speed [say within the next 6 hours] or over a lengthy time. The last 2 so it wouldn’t interfere with what you are doing. After that just notify when the download is complete with maybe a reminder every 7 days.

There has also been a number of ways to disable KB3035583. Uninstalling alone doesn’t do it. A previous blog last year gave a registry solution and there are other ways.

In a related item, it seems though the IT department [Guy? Gal?] at the KCCI TV station in Des Moines, Iowa failed to do the needful. Right in the middle of the lady doing the weather forecast, the Windows 10 upgrade window popped up. At least she handled it well.


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