More Trumping

Donald Trump still contends that he should be declared the winner of the Republican Party’s nomination even if he gets less than the 50% required to [just about] guarantee the party’s nomination.

Isn’t this like rewriting the rules as you go? What makes him so special? He complains the process is rigged. He’s rigging it.

If it was Ted Cruz who said this, would “The Donald” object? I’m sure.

Meanwhile, rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich are aiming at unifying the anti-Trump vote in some remaining primaries by either one step back at a few primaries so the other can have their votes. For example Kasich will step back in Indiana next week.

Trump calls them mathematically dead rivals. True in a sense. But after the first round of voting at the convention in July in Cleveland, delegates can free to choose among who is available. Those delegates who went with one of the dozen or so Republican nominees that bowed out are free to vote for anyone. The same goes for the delegates of the three remaining.

And that’s where Trump could be in trouble. To dump Trump, after the first round, Trump could lose if there are only two nominees in the second round [assuming the other nominees don’t want to embarrass themselves].

With India and New Mexico coming up and then later on the biggie with California, Trump’s chances of getting that 50% could dwindle.

“I only care about the first,” Trump said. “We’re not going for the second and third and fourth and fifth.” Forth? Fifth? He is one of three nominees left. Even at the convention, I wouldn’t expect that many.


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  1. Rewriting the rules is what Trump has done all his life.

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