Putin the blamer

In his annual televised question-and-answer session in Moscow recently, Russian president [for life] Vladimir Putin [a.k.a. Vladimir Poutine] denied any wrongdoing, saying the leaked Panama Papers “have not specifically accused anyone of anything”.

He believes it’s all part of an American plot to destabilize Russia before elections are held there in September. “We know that members of the American intelligence community are involved,” Putin said. He fails though to show the connection. “The German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung is owned by a holding company, and that holding is owned by the American financial company Goldman Sachs [if true]. And how are they related to the American intelligence community. Maybe a cousin third removed in Goldman Sachs has a friend who’s nephew works for the CIA.

Some questions were asked by citizens.

To show you how [some of] the questions were scripted, a 12-year-old girl asked Putin iIf he saw Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan drowning, which one he would save? Putin dislikes both and replied “so it will be impossible to save him”. I guess pre-teens in Russia get a lot of courses on world politics.

Putin has in the past had kind words for the Republican contender Donald Trump, calling him last December “a very colorful and talented man” but added little this time.

Putin continues to say that Meldonium, a banned performance-enhancing drug, “never belonged in the category of doping. It does not affect the result; it simply helps the heart keep in good condition under heavy strain. Meldonium was invented in the USSR. The drug is mostly used by Eastern European athletes.”

If you remember, in the international competition during the Cold War, most believe Soviet Union “influenced” countries used illegal drugs heavily.

Of course Putin has denied that he is involved in funneling money to offshore accounts even though there is evidence he did. Somewhere in excess of $1 billion.


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