Anniversary edition of Windows 10 coming soon

Microsoft released this weeks a preview of its Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” [“build 14316”] to fast ring testers. The anniversary update is expected to be out in late spring, just before the first anniversary of the RTM of Windows 10 [v1507] and before the free upgrade offer ends.

Unlike the v1511 release which was more of a fix and behind the scenes release, this preview has a stack of new features.

This update is supports the Linux Bash shell in Windows as a way to help developers who rely on open source development tools. Testers have to activate it by turning on a “Developer Mode” in the operating system, according to Microsoft.

Cortana can track misplaced phones by sending a ring tone. The Cortana service also can now send map directions to another device for travelers dependent on smart phones, for instance.

The Cortana service will now tell users when the battery power is low. There’s a new “Managed by Windows” setting for applications which will stop application battery drain when a Battery Saver feature is enabled.

Two Microsoft Edge browser extensions are added [extension option was enabled in the previous builds]. There’s a new Pin It Button extension as well as a OneNote Clipper extension.

There is now support for the Skype Universal Windows Platform app preview on PCs.

The Action Center can now be configured to show the notices you want and frequency. You can also specify the hours when they are active on their machines. So updates won’t automatically install during that activated time period.


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