More fast tips in Windows

Fast tip #1:

For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users only, you can access your applications from the Start menu [or equivalent]. But did you know those that are in the taskbar can also be accessed by number?

The first ten [from the closest to the Start menu (or equivalent)] can be accessed by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows key + # where # is the number of the shortcut from the Start menu. The tenth icon uses zero.

Personally it is just as fast clicking the shortcut!

Fast tip #2:

If you are planning on upgrading to Windows 10 on a hard disk at or greater than 2TB, you need to make sure you must use the UEFI boot with GPT. Failure to do so and you [depending on circumstances] may get an error that you can’t boot off the hard disk or maybe even your DVD or USB key is corrupt.


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