And now Wifegate in GOP politics

Well, they are calling it Wifegate.

[The UDS seems to like their “gates”!]

Donald Trump [in his usually obnoxious way] tweeted a picture of Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi next to his wife Melania saying how hot is wife is compared to Heidi.

Now if you ever seen them, Heidi Cruz is around Ted Cruz’s age group while Melania Trump is older than the Cruzes but younger than Donald. the picture was when she was younger.

Of course that’s when a bit of hell broke loose. Cruz [among other things, said not to bring his wife or kids into their battles.

The episode, dubbed Wifegate, appeared to be retaliation for an anti-Trump Super PAC ad using 15-year-old images of Trump’s wife, Melania, in a nude photo shoot for British GQ.

Add to the fun, everyone’s favorite lack of journalism skills paper, the National Enquirer, had a story based on anonymous sources implicating Cruz in a series of extramarital affairs – some say five. The Texas senator flatly denied the story and labeled it a Trump smear.

Wow. Five affairs. Where did he get the time? And of course it came from a paper that has been sued more times than Donald Trump [the latter probably in second place].

Meanwhile it boiled over on CNN when host Don Lemon had on former Apprentice contestant Omarosa [she goes just by that name – so it seems] as well as Kellyanne Conway, who runs a pro-Cruz Super PAC.

Lemon asked Omarosa first regarding Wifegate and right away Omarosa went off topic, starting a tirade about SuperPAC. Lemon threatened to stop the “conversation” and when she continued, he cut things off and they went to a commercial.  You can view it here.

Not really surprising, right wing sites defender her! They called Lemon [who is African-American] a racist and a bigot and commented about the CNN/left wing censorship.

Huh? Who went off topic? As the host/moderator, he is supposed to keep on topic.

Then on Sunday on CNN, there was a senior advisor for Trump who also went off topic and went ballistics accusing another commentator [a former RNC director] of things which didn’t make sense. Don’t expect him to be on CNN.  You can see that tirade and more details of Wifegate here.

A number of polls give Cruz a decided edge over Trump in a hypothetical matchup against Clinton, though the many polls also show Clinton beating both. Of the three Republicans left, only Kasich beat Clinton in a new Monmouth University poll, which is interesting since Kasich has no chance of winning.

Cruz is not the GOP’s establishment. He is supposedly hated by many in the Senate. Republicans who remember Cruz’s leading role in the 2013 government-shutdown to block Obamacare still have been slow to come around.

Trump isn’t much better. He’s probably last on any GOP list. Trump’s past record includes supporting liberal politicians and causes.

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