Create your own Start menus

Everyone have their favorite applications that they like to use. Some pin the applications they use most often to the taskbar. Problem is that you may have too many applications that you use and placing shortcuts on the desktop are harder to get because you have to minimize things to see them.

You could widen the task bat to be on two [or more] rows but that eats up plenty of desktop real estate.

What I have done for years is to create toolbars that open off the task bar like mini Start menus.

I keep my toolbars in My Documents so they don’t get lost, backed up, etc. I have one for applications, another for drives and folders, a third for multimedia related stuff http://and%20video%20viewers%20and%20editors and a forth for Internet related. The four are from left to right.

So I created a folder in My Documents called Links. Inside them, I created four separate folders for each but I kept the names very short as they get wide on the taskbar. So, for example, applications is “Apps”.

Inside the Apps folder, I get shortcuts for each application I want. You can also directly add applications, folders and files.

Next I right click on the taskbar and select Toolbars, and the New toolbar.

Find the App folder you created, highlight it and click on the Select Folder button. It should now show up in the taskbar.

For a tip, add them from right to left. So of the four I mentioned above, I add the Internet shortcuts first.

For another tip, you can create folders inside your link folders and which contains further links.

This is why my desktop contains just the Recycled Bin [and even that I can remove].


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