More dumb American politicians

That didn’t take long.

After the terrorist bombings in Brussels this week, the Republican nominees couldn’t wait to go after US President Barrack Obama because her argued that sticking to his schedule denied terrorists any victory in their goal of upending daily life.

Not surprising, current Republican front runner, Donald Trump, tweeted that “this madness must be stopped and I will stop it.”

Even worse. John Kasich, who is in last place in the GOP fight [and no chance of winning], was desperate enough to tweet “the President must return home immediately and get to work with our allies to respond with strength against the enemies of the west.”

So exactly how would the President do this? Send over some bombers? The bombers are terrorists. You can’t send personnel over because you need to find the bombers first and Belgium I’m sure has people to do that.

As for Obama, he has advisors and other who can update him if needed during the game. This wasn’t on American soil and affected very few Americans.

Flashback to September 11, 2001. When the attackers struck the US, where was President George W. Bush? He was sitting down at a school reading a book for kids. He sat there even after being informed. I’m sure he knew it wasn’t a joke. Maybe he was stunned. But he still sat there. He did not walk out immediately. He sat there. And this attack was on US soil. Not in some other country.


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