How to access safe mode in Windows 10

With the newer UEFI systems [and the fact that they are faster], pressing the good old F8 for a Windows 10 system won’t work. The F8 key is actually disabled.

Microsoft has instead allows the operating system to do an initial check on things. If it sees there are no issue, it continues. Otherwise it goes into the tiled menu.

But let’s say you want to do that on your own. To do so, go to the Start Menu, then select the Settings option. Select the Update and Security tile and select the Recovery tab. Click the Restart Now button in the Advanced Startup section on the right.

Once the computer reboots it will open up the tiled menu where you will select the Troubleshooting tile and then Advanced Options.

From here you can do a number of options but since we were looking for the equivalent to the old F8, click on the Startup Setting tile. Click on the Restart button after reading the screen.
When the computer reboots, you will have 9 regular options to choose from [mostly familiar if you’ve seen the old F8 before]. You can also press the F10 key to launch the Recovery Environment [the Recovery Boot Drive].

A more expensive option to ignore all this is to get the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset for Windows 10 which is part of the latest Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2015. But that is only available to those with software assurance or a MSDN license.


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