Romney takes aim at Trump – too late?

With rumors that the Republican Party’s establishment isn’t thrilled with any of the remaining candidates – especially with Donald Trump – there has been talk that 2012 Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, may be asked to run again.

Unsure if related, but Romney put Trump in his target sights by going after Trump directly.
He called Trump a fraud, promises as worthless as a degree from the failed Trump University, dishonesty, bully, greedy, showing off, the misogyny, and “absurd third-grade theatrics”.

Just four years ago, he courted Trump’s endorsement even after Trump had led the “birther” controversy against President Barack Obama, insisting that Obama release his birth certificate to prove he is an American citizen.

Romney lambasted Trump on foreign policy, casting him as “very, very not-smart” in his comments about allowing ISIS to take out Syria’s leadership and for proposing the slaughter of the families of terrorists. If actually happens, killing family member could be considered a war crime.

Trump even said on CBS’s 60 Minutes that let ISIS take out Assad and then we can pick up the remnants.

Romney also said “There’s a dark irony in his boasts of his [unconfirmed] sexual exploits during the Vietnam war, while at the same time, John McCain, who he has mocked, was in prison being tortured.”

Romney wondered how Trump would react to these comments? Well, Trump responded in his typical vulgar fashion.

Among other things, Trump replied that Romney wanted his endorsement so much that Trump believes Romney would be on his knees in front of him. [Can you assume what he meant?] This obviously never happened.

Trump also said that Romney botched the 2012 election campaign so badly [because of the way Obama handled his first term]. He said Romney thought about running again in 2016, but “chickened out.” Unsure how factual this is because Trump has a history of mostly giving out false information.

Various super PACs have already started to place ads going against Trump. Trump has so far won 10 of 15 states. Could be too late.

Even after announcing that he wouldn’t run as an independent if he lost the Republican nomination, there are now some talk floating around that he would. By running as an independent, he could split the right vote [at least for president] allowing the Democratic nominee to at least win the presidency.


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