Another scam software

A number of years ago, CNN was advertising on TV for SpeedUpMyPC. I had decided to test the software because I found doubts about what they claimed.

So I installed Windows XP [hey, it was the fastest to install then] in a virtual machine and installed the application. It quickly claimed a huge bunch of “issues” with Windows XP. I then ran a tool that I trust to do a bit of cleaning. I then ran SpeedUpMyPC again and got similar results even though the tool I used to clean up found no issues.

Did SpeedUpMyPC actually check? I’m doubting it. [Of note that the software developer’s site proudly displays the CNet’s reviewer’s review but not the reviews by the users which gives the software maybe 3 out of 5 stars. It also gives positive reviews from 2 sites I wouldn’t even go near. And the CNet review was for the 2013 version while the link is for the 2014 but they are at the 2016 version. Go figure.]

Fast forward and it looks like there is another one of these suspicious cleaning tools out there. This one called SpeedFixTool.

This one has similar issues as SpeedUpMyPC. To start off with, they are using the “Norton Secured” and “McAfee Secure” images illegally since both need to link to the respective site to get the credentials.

The site fails to mention that you need to buy it except for the “Pricing” link right at the bottom.

On their “reviews” page, every one gave a 5 on 5 except two, who gave a 4 on 5. But of course those two still gave glowing reviews.

Already someone did something similar to what I did above and found the same problem: Issues that don’t really exist are showing up.

In addition the Internet [if you search] have a bunch of site which find the software a bit suspicious.

In addition, look at the verified publisher below when trying to install the application.


Are we going to see advertisements all over the place?

One person claimed a potential “unwanted” application was found by ESET anti-virus.
Others also found the software or site suspicious.

Here are two sites which give evidence of what I said above.

Note: As usual, use external links at your own risk.


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