Miscellaneous computer tips – Volume 1

Fast tip #1: Battery life status

To assist you in keeping tabs on the battery itself, Windows 10 (and Windows 8.x) provides you with a tool for creating a detailed report about the battery in your system.

powercfg /batteryreport

Then open up battery-report.html to see the results. [Seems the report has issues to open if using the buggy Chrome browser.]


Fast tip #2: Do a registry change without having to reboot

In previous versions of Windows, if you made changes in the registry and wished to apply the changes immediately, you would open the Task Manager and kill the explorer.exe process and then while in the Task Manager run explorer.exe. While it probably did what you want, it also wasn’t clean as [for example] system tray icons are missing [but running in the background].

In Windows 10, open the Task Manger, locate Windows Explorer. Right click on it and select Restart.


Fast tip #3: Run as a different user

There is the odd time at work when you need completely different credentials when at work. Say for example you are logged in as a regular user but you need to access a domain related application on your computer like Remote Server Administration Tools. This tip only works with the standard executable [i.e. .exe files] and not universal applications found in Windows 10 later.

By modifying the registry below, this can be done. You will either need to reboot your computer or apply the tip above for it to take effect.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

As usual, if you make any changes to your system, take precautions. These tips may not have been thoroughly tested. Use at your own risk.


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