iOS 9 upgrade for some turns Apple gadgets into bricks

If you have ever replaced your iPhone’s screen but not repaired by Apple, you may wish to hold off on upgrading to iOS 9.

It seems the upgrade software will detect that your screen is non-standard and the upgraded dies with “error 53” and bricks your iPhone. [The term brick is primarily an Apple term (but not from them) where the device is rendered useless.]

The company says, when a system check during a software update reveals the iPhone or iPad Touch ID sensor doesn’t match the device’s other components, the update fails – but miserably. Apple says to restart the device but in most cases, it won’t start. In that case, you need to contact Apple support or go to a store. Because of the issue, some have waited in excess of an hour before being told that the gadget is a brick.

Apple says if you had your gadget repair, but not by Apple, Apple can repair it at out of warranty costs – expect it to be quite a bit.

Some users have complained that they lost data on their gadget because of this issue.

There are already some reports of possible class action lawsuits in the US an UK over the issue, saying the company acted illegally [most likely for excluding third party hardware from being allowed]. If the hardware worked fine with iOS 8, why not with iOS 9?


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