When rumours start, people believe anything

It still amazes me of some of the false information that floats around.  Here is an example.

Canada is trying to bring in 25,000 of the refugees fleeing ISIS. The new Canadian government under Justin Trudeau had a hard time getting the 10,000 they wanted to be in Canadian soil by the end of 2015.

They ended up missing the 10,000 by a thousand or so. This was primarily because of logistics in sending security teams over, setting things up, etc.

But right away the Conservative party opposition [stinged at the stunning loss a couple of months prior] started to hammer away at various aspects.

Then the rumors and innuendo started. Rumors had it that refugees will be accepted with little to no security checking. This was false since the UN will be doing one phase and a team from the Canadian government would handle another phase. Even after on Canadian soil, they still would be investigated.

The Canadian government was also accepting primarily families – since a parent would be less likely to be part of terrorist activities. Rumors said they would take anyone.

Even as the refugees are coming into Canada, the 25,000 promised by the end of February will be more likely to be accomplished.

But more complaining by the Conservative party [trickling down to other right wing followers] saying that there are problems once the refugees are in Canada. Issues such as cramped quarters [not quite true] in hotel rooms, no movement in trying to get them out of hotels and into homes, etc.

This is really not surprising when you have that many refugees coming into Canada – a population of roughly 36 million.

If you aren’t scratching your head, maybe you should.

I can’t see too many refugees complaining about possible cramped conditions or staying at a hotel when they came from a land where they lived in damaged homes, often gun shots or bombs falling nearby, lack of food, lack of sanitation, lost family members, lack of clean running water, etc.


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