Son racks up $8,200 Xbox bill, father upset

I’m sure this is not the only story like this out there.

A father in Ontario, Canada recently got the shock of his life when he received a credit card bill of $8,206 [CDN] from Xbox. He discovered his 17 year old son racked up the bill online.

He claimed his son though playing online was free. This even though the father’s credit card was used to play online.

The father asked Microsoft, owners of Xbox, to investigate, which they did. Initially Microsoft refused, but after learning that his son was a minor, the company did refund the full amount. They also warned that there would be no further refunds.

This brings me to a few points.

First of all, the son is 17 years old. Overwhelming number of people who replied regarding an article on a news website thinks the father has not taught his sons how to use a credit card.

Maybe the father should tell the son to get a part time job so he can learn how to use money.

The father is also at fault for letting the son rack up a large amount without any type of warnings [the credit card company could also be at fault].

Every time you make a purchase in Xbox there are several warning screens that you are going to purchase something. With the Xbox One the main account has access to purchase. The other accounts you can restrict purchasing. A password would have taken care of this as well as the son accessing only the secondary account.

Maybe even buying a Xbox pre-paid card at a store would solve things.

Finally, how many hours did the son play online? Looks like the son didn’t come out of his room for the month.


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