Changes to Windows support lifecycle

OK. After this you may be scratching your head….. [If you are bad at logic or math, you probably will!]

  • Windows 7 will continue to be supported for security, reliability, and compatibility through January 14, 2020 on previous generation processor. For Windows 8.1, it will receive the same support through January 10, 2023. This would include the majority of the devices available for purchase today.
  • Newer CPUs coming out [such as Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake CPU, Qualcomm’s upcoming 8996 CPU, and AMD’s upcoming Bristol Ridge CPU] will only work with the current Windows version and later. For example, a Kaby Lake CPU will not be supported with Windows 8.1 or before.
  • Until July 17, 2017, Intel’s Skylake devices [the current 6th generation CPUs], support with Windows 7 and 8.1 will be available but during the 18-month support period, these systems should be upgraded to Windows 10 to continue receiving support after the period ends. But after July 2017, only the most critical Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 security updates will be released for these devices as long as the update does not risk the reliability or compatibility of the Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 platform on other devices. [Of course, you can probably install the updates for the older CPU generations on a Skylake device – except you are at your own risk.]

From Intel: “This enables us to focus on deep integration between Windows and the silicon, while maintaining maximum reliability and compatibility with previous generations of platform and silicon.”

Enterprises with downgrade rights may have issues with this new set of policies from Microsoft.


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