Apple products aren’t so secure anymore

The days of buying something from Apple and knowing it is secure is now long gone. CVE Details is probably the most common site to keep track of vulnerabilities in computer software.

They claim that OSX, used on Apple Macs, are the most vulnerable software of 2015, followed closely by iOS used for iPads and iPhones.

OS X had 384 vulnerabilities followed by 375 for iOS. 2014’s “winner”, Adobe Flash Player, dropped to third place with 314 vulnerabilities.

While Microsoft’s software in total had more vulnerabilities [1561], it is only because they also have a lot more software to support. Adobe was second with 1504 followed by Apple with 1147.

Microsoft’s Windows operating system, which was often referred to as the most-attacked desktop platform out there, had one version in the top 10 [Windows Server 2008 with 155 vulnerabilities].

Internet Explorer continues to be the most vulnerable browser on the market with 231 vulnerabilities with Google’s Chrome right behind with 187 and Firefox at 178.

Of note, Ubuntu Linux had 152 vulnerabilities.

Oddly Windows 8.1 [151] had more vulnerabilities than Windows 8 [146] and Windows 7 [147]. Windows Vista was actually the lowest of the supported Windows operating systems [135] other than Windows 10, which only came out in late July [already picked up 53 vulnerabilities]. Note that as more features are added, more vulnerabilities can appear.


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