Windows 10 reaches 200 million devices

As of the beginning of this year, windows 10 reached a new milestone, hitting 200 million devices. [A device is defined as desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.].

Of note is that Windows 10 smart phones only came out in November.

Also of note is that many corporations do not upgrade [traditionally] until the first service pack release. That “service pack” in theory could be the November update [v1511]. Many corporations ignored Windows 8.x. So many are still running Windows 7 [and maybe the odd Windows Vista].

More than 75% of Microsoft’s enterprise customers are in active pilots of Windows 10, and now have over 22 million devices running Windows 10 across their enterprise and education customers. [Note that a “pilot” is usually a very small subset of the number of users in a company.]

Even ATMs are an issue. Currently many ATMs [possibly 70%] are using a special version of Windows XP which only recently went out of support. That’s a lot of ATMs. But I guess like a desktop or laptop, new hardware is needed.

At the current rate [excluding some of the notes I mentioned], it could take Windows 10 up to 2.5 years to reach Microsoft’s desired 1 billion devices installation goal.

Windows 10 continues to be on the fastest growth trajectory of any version of Windows ever outpacing Windows 7 by nearly 140% and Windows 8 by nearly 400%.

Microsoft also claims that they are seeing significantly higher customer satisfaction with Windows 10 than any prior version of Windows. As well, people have spent over 11 billion hours on Windows 10 in December alone, spending more time on Windows than ever before. [Hopefully that is actually work and play and not fixing things!]

Here are some other statistics [maybe some to the privacy/telemetry issues that some complained about]:

  • Over 44.5 billion minutes spent were spent in December 2015 in Microsoft Edge across all Windows 10 devices.
  • There are 30% more Bing search queries with windows 10 devices than with prior version of Windows.
  • Gamers spent over 4 billion hours playing PC games in Windows 10 [instead of doing homework!] plus 6.6 million hours of Xbox One games to Windows 10 computers.
  • Cortana [hopefully answered correctly] over 2.5 billion questions since its launch.
  • 3 billion visits to the new Store and more universal apps becoming available for Windows 10 including Netflix, Twitter, NPR, Pandora, Uber, and the Wall Street Journal.

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