Toddlers on no fly lists

Here’s an odd one. A 6 year-old boy on the “no fly list”.

Yes, you read it right.

A 6 year-old Montreal Canadiens fan, was flying down with his father to see his favorite team play the Boston Bruins in Boston in the “NHL Winter Classic” outdoor game was briefly detained by Canada Border Security Agency [CBSA] because he was on the no fly list.

The list was created after 9/11 to stop any suspected terrorists or those who are otherwise a possible security risk.

Seems the 6 year-old boy isn’t alone. Some are as young as 19 month old toddler are on the list.

What do they have in common? These [the youngsters] all seem to be Muslims.

How did they get on the list? Because they have the same name as someone who should be on the list. At least in Canada, the public security minister has the final approval. Unsure how the minister agreed to an 19 month old on getting on the list.

How do they get off the list? Well after proof the 19 month old isn’t a suspected terrorist; I would guess the public security minister would approve of it. [Additional paperwork is probably needed to get off the American list.]

Luckily for them, Canada has a new government and the public security minister has already said he will look into it. Judging from the way the new government is cleaning things after almost 10 years of the last government – the same government that put them on the list and did nothing – I wouldn’t be surprised if the matter is cleaned up quite soon.

In the meantime, while the CBSA are doing their job, I would wonder how an 19 month old toddler could be confused with an adult. Surely there is enough information to see that the toddler is not an adult. This would include but not limited to a passport [or an equivalent for a toddler], social insurance number, or other documentation.

A security expert said that the burden of proving your innocence falls on the person who has been deemed guilty and are on the list, and they have no idea why.


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